What fish is similar to Tarakihi?

Best or alternative choice Depending on where tarakihi is caught, it can be ok to eat occasionally; or is worst choice seafood and should be avoided and replaced with an alternative such as kingfish or trevally.

Do flasher rigs work?

Rigs with flash One of the most versatile and successful rigs around has to be the commercially made flasher rig. While most flasher rigs work, some are far better than others. This is mostly due to the quality of the components used but there are other factors involved also.

Is Tarakihi a firm fish?

The Tarakihi fillet has a medium to firm flesh, a low oil content and is highly regarded for its versatility.

What is the best bait for snapper NZ?

Bait. Snapper are scavengers and opportunist feeders, and will take just about anything, but the most consistently successful baits seem to be pilchard, skipjack tuna and squid. Piper and mullet are good performers especially in the mid to upper North Island, while octopus, mackerel and kahawai all work well at times.

Is Tarakihi good eating?

Tarakihi makes for good eating, especially when smoked. It is one of the most popular eating fish in New Zealand with their medium to firm white flesh which is suitable for most cooking methods.

What is Tarakihi called in Australia?

Nemadactylus macropterus, the tarakihi, jackass morwong or deep sea perch, is a species of marine ray-finned fish, traditionally regarded as belonging to the family Cheilodactylidae, the members of which are commonly known as morwongs. It is found in the south western Pacific Ocean, in Australia and New Zealand.

Do you put bait on a flasher rig?

Small cut baits are best fished on flasher rigs, cut your bait into bite size cubes, this will stop the pickers from grabbing part of the bait and ripping it from the hook, the flash will entice the fish to often get aggressive and swallow the whole bait in one go.

Do you bait flasher rigs?

Flasher Rigs – For added effectiveness, you can also add bait to your flasher rigs. It is not unusual to catch a fish on every hook when fishing a flasher rig, as well as one on the jig. For this reason, I prefer to make my flashers with only three hooks.

Is Tarakihi a good fish?

FOOD QUALITY Tarakihi makes for good eating, especially when smoked. It is one of the most popular eating fish in New Zealand with their medium to firm white flesh which is suitable for most cooking methods.

What does Tarakihi fish taste like?

THE FISH – Typically sold as a cooking Sea Bream, the Tarakihi offers a complex natural flavor that is resemblant of sea water with mineral undertones. They have a wonderful balance of sweetness and earthiness. The Tarakihi offers a great yield and diverse abilities as a food fish.

How do you rig for snapper fishing?

The Knocker Rig – Popular for hooking smaller snappers, the knocker rig is a good choice for fishing near wrecks or directly over reefs. This rig uses a barrel swivel and egg sinker. Tie the main line to one eye of the barrel swivel and a five to 10-foot leader with the hook to the other eye.

What is the best fishing rig for tarakihi?

Commercially made dropper and flasher rigs aimed at tarakihi are readily available. Many incorporate re-curved or circle hooks, which makes sense in deep water. Tarakihi will also attack small metal jigs, though they’re often found in water too deep to effectively fish the small jigs attractive to them.

How do shore fishers catch tarakihi?

Shore fishers catch tarakihi on variations of flasher and/or dropper rigs, but usually with only one or two branches so that the rig casts well. In some locations, tarakihi are readily available to shore fishers.

What is a tarakihi fish?

Tarakihi are members of a large family of Southern Hemisphere fishes that includes porae, assorted moki species and trumpeter. In Australia theses fishes are bunched together as ‘morwong’ with our tarakihi usually called ‘jackass morwong’.

Where can I catch a big Terakihi in Wellington?

If you locate a rock in 50-100 metres in the Wellington region, there will more than likely be BIG terakihi holding on it at some stage of the tide, normally an hour or two either side of the turn. Heading out to Mana Island. Always a good chance for a feed of tarakihi Although they will take lures, terakihi are more commonly caught on bait.