Essay is an unauthorized genre. But, do not even consider that it is enough just to miss a personal idea but to write what comes to mind. Not really.

The thought can be correctly created, try to show yourself in one word, put your thoughts in the texts, which will become obvious to the reader. Because identity represents the personality of the Duma the other parties with 1 idea to be heard.

Essay is of course a bickering together with the world. Essay is allowed to argue with the fact that others think accurate and additionally effective. Don’t be afraid to dare on authority figures. To reach the assistance of stately employees, in order to enter into a collision with them, and of course to prove to them the narrowness of their principles, or on the contrary, to take a side and accept their truth.

Essay is a workout. In every case it is not easy to achieve the highest goal without techniques. Essay – the best thing to do especially for the evolving individuals. However, if you look on the other hand, essay – is a complete genre, in this Arsenal which has a share of brilliant works inherent in the authors, scientists, doctors, teachers and typical individuals.

Even the name “essay” in French means “attempt, test, study”. Perhaps for this reason, in foreign school’s essay – is an ordinary training exercise, allowing students to specify the level of their knowledge and baggage to show their person.

For essay, size is not important. It has the ability to limit itself to just one sentence, and is able to be widely located on 200 pages. Perhaps even this is what manifests freedom of thought!

Essay’s three primary rules

To paint essay, help 3 easy secret:

“The first scribbles about which in turn you really personally interested in, prefers a curious subject.

“Secondly, scribble about what you definitely feel and think, in other words, Orient yourself together with thoughts.

“Next, write how you want, not paying attention to the other, based on the available exercise Yes samples, that is, to work hard to elect their own intonation.

Essay strategy accordingly

Essay is created in the same way as if the most different other essay, and is divided into 3 elements: the introduction, the main part and the end.

“In the introduction to explain the problem waiting for the reasoning and found the main Council.

“The Central component provides arguments and of course evidence of the formulated idea, in addition, explains its position on the topic.

“At the end, conclusions are necessarily formed.

Classic direction style

The varieties of essay addressed numerous writers. The narrative of the genre originated from the “Experiments” of Michel Montaigne. Among the overseas poets may be addressed to the works of Heine, Chesterton, Carlyle, and others.

Now essay – one of the most popular thematic genres, does not lose its relevance.