What essential oils are safe for dryer balls?

Our favorite essential oils to add to our wool dryer balls are lavender, balsam fir, and eucalyptus.

How do you add essential oils to dryer balls?

Just add a 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil (find mine here) to each ball and bounce them around in the dryer for a minute or two to make sure the oil has soaked in (you don’t want to risk any oil stains on your fabrics).

What essential oil is good for refreshing?

REFRESHING ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS FOR SEASONAL ALLERGIES Eucalyptus: try blending it with Lime, Thyme, Lavender, Lemon, or Tea Tree. Peppermint: try blending it with Eucalyptus, Lemon, Thyme, and/or Basil. Lavender: try blending it with Chamomile, Lemon, and/or Patchouli.

Will essential oils on dryer balls stain clothes?

I put 2 drops of essential oil on 2 of the balls, and let them dry for a few hours and then tumble with the clothing. Works great and I have not had any issues with stains.

Can essential oils catch fire in dryer?

They smell great but essential oils are flammable and need to be used with caution. You may have noticed a warning in my laundry scent booster post about essential oils causing fires in dryers. From my research, this seems to be a pretty rare problem but it is a risk.

Are essential oils flammable in the dryer?

Since essential oils are flammable and should not be used in the dryer (and can potentially still pose a fire hazard when used in the wash cycle), a safer alternative is to use an aromatic sachet.

What is a happy essential oil blend?

Our NEOM Happiness fragrance is a complex blend of 7 uplifting essential oils including neroli, mimosa & lemon, all expertly blended to help with uplifting mood and helping you feel more positive. Essential Oils such as lemon are known for eliminating toxins in the air, helping to create a clean haven.

Are essential oils safe for dryer?

Don’t Use Essential Oils on Dryer Balls or Dryer Sheets This is one of the times you would have a higher risk of fire. Dryer sheets, in general, should be avoided. They can cause build up on your clothes and even on your lint trap, which is another fire risk.

Is lavender essential oil flammable?

Many common essential oils are classified as a Class 3 Flammable Liquid and have a flash point of 122-140° F. These include tea tree, lavender and citrus oils.

Can you put lavender in dryer?

Simply dry lavender flowers and fill the bags to freshen laundry in dressers or closets. Or, try throwing a muslin sachet bag in the dryer instead of a dryer sheet. Here are directions to making DIY Lavender Dryer Sachets. They will last in the dryer about 6-8 loads.