What equipment do you need for maths?

Different schools and exam boards often have different requirements, so make sure you check what maths equipment you need. But generally, the essential pieces in a maths set are protractors, calculators, erasers, pencils, rulers, and compasses.

What is the purpose of MathsWatch?

With MathsWatch, you can now access video tutorials which explain topics just like a teacher would at the board. You can independently practise real exam-style questions (GCSE, KS3 and Primary only) with instant feedback on your performance.

Is there an app for MathsWatch?

If your School subscribes to the online MathsWatch resources and you have an android device, then this is the App you need.

How do you expand and simplify?

In order to expand and simplify an expression, we need to multiply out the brackets and then simplify the resulting expression by collecting the like terms. Expanding brackets (or multiplying out) is the process by which we remove brackets.

Do maths students need a laptop?

If you’re a math student, it means you are constantly faced with dozens of complex mathematical questions. These questions require advanced calculations, hence the need for a laptop. Many laptops out there are good, but only a few can handle the high demands that come with solving maths questions.

Do you need a 30cm ruler in GCSE?

A 30cm ruler can also come in handy, but isn’t essential. Protractor: A piece of transparent plastic, usually in the shape of a semi-circle, but sometimes a full circle. It is needed to measure angles and is an essential piece of equipment up to GCSE.

How do you submit answers to MathsWatch?

If you are typing an answer and need a mathematical symbol or need to type a fraction, power or root the “+” button in the answer box lets you do this. Once you have pressed ‘Submit Answer’ you answer is saved. If you log-out you can pick up where you left off later. Your work will not be lost.

Can parents subscribe to MathsWatch?

Our subscription service allows teachers, students and parents to access the MathsWatch resource 24/7. One of the advantages of the online service is that it can be accessed from school, home, or in fact anywhere in the world.

What is the username and password for MathsWatch?

To log on to this please go to https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/vle/ and you will then be able to login. Usernames for students are all of the form [school username]@ kirkhallam (for example [email protected]) and the password is “Fermat” (without quotation marks).

What is included in MathsWatch?

Videos, online assessments, modelled exam series, feedback tools, independent learning, printable worksheets and so much more are all included to develop your students’ mathematical skills. MathsWatch is the complete online Maths platform that makes learning available to your students 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

What instrument is used to measure time?

Measuring time is a mechanical instrument. In past, the time measuring instrument was the sundial. Nowadays we are using clocks and watches to measure time. Stopwatches are used to measure the time in sports.

What are the instruments used to measure objects or things?

There are different types of measuring instruments we use in everyday life. You can grasp information about measuring instruments like scale, tape, Ruler, protractor, compass, divider, set squares, etc from here. Read this entire article to know what are the instruments used to measure the objects or things.

Can I use MathsWatch with a Word doc?

should work. That works on a word doc but not in the answer box for Mathswatch. Thanks anyway . Replying is easier on our app – Click here to download for FREE! Write a reply…