What does Zywiec taste like?

Taste: Sweet, and malty with green apple tartness and grassy flavours dominating. I’ve always found Zywiec to have a medicinal like sharpness combined with a barn like earthy quality, It doesn’t sound appealing, but it works somehow.

How strong is Zywiec?

Founded in 1856 in the town of Żywiec, the brewery manufactures pale lager with a 5.6% alcohol volume.

What country is Zywiec from?

Żywiec, town, Śląskie województwo (province), south-central Poland, in the Carpathian Mountains on the Soła River near the border with Slovakia. It lies at the foot of Grójec Mountain, which has made it an important tourist centre. The town is also known for its large breweries.

What kind of beer is Tyskie?

Gronie pale-lager beer

Former and current design of Tyskie Gronie pale-lager beer bottle
Type Beer
Alcohol by volume 5.2 %
Style Pale lager
Website www.tyskie.pl

Who owns Okocim beer?

Carlsberg Polska is the Polish subsidiary of the Danish multinational brewing company Carlsberg. Carlsberg has 1/3 control of the Okocim Group, which included the Okocim Brewery, in 2004.

What is Zywiec made from?

The beer is made using age-old Zywiec brewing traditions with the ingredients being the best domestic grade malted barley and hops as well as crystal clear mountain spring water. Zywiec is one of Poland’s most well-renowned beer brands due in part to their famous logos.

Is Heineken a Polish beer?

Heineken’s Polish operation, Grupa Żywiec, has moved to increase its share of Browar Namysłów, a brewery headquartered in western Poland, near Wrocław. The Dutch multinational already controlled 60% of the company but is now spending zl500m to take total ownership.

Where is Perla beer from?

Lublin, Poland
Perla (Pils 5% ABV) was awarded a Bronze Medal at the International Beer Challenge BC 2010 awards in the UK….Browary Lubelskie.

Type Beer
Country of origin Lublin, Poland
Introduced 1846
Alcohol by volume 6.0 %
Style pilsner

What beer is similar to Tyskie?

Polish Beer: 10 Most Popular Brands

  • Kompania Piwowarska (Asahi Breweries) Żubr. Tyskie. Lech.
  • Grupa Żywiec (Heineken) Żywiec. Tatra. Warka.
  • Carlsberg Polska (Carlsberg Group) Harnaś Okocim.
  • Van Pur. Łomża.
  • Perła – Browary Lubelskie. Perła.