What does tragic chorus mean?

The trees are personified in terms of the noise they could make ‘raise a tragic chorus in a gale’ like a bad choir singing, warning of unhappy or unpleasant events. This could reflect the unhappiness of the people on the island as the storm rages around them.

What poem does storm on the island compared to?

Whilst this might not seem like an obvious theme, many of the poems deal with the natural world in some way or another. Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney, Wilfred Owen’s Exposure and William Wordsworth’s The Prelude are the three most direct comparisons here.

What is the message of the poem storm on the island?

Storm On The Island is a poem that gives voice to a people who live in constant fear of the power of natural storms. The poem’s theme is therefore the ongoing conflict between humans and nature.

What are the themes of exposure?


  • Power of humans.
  • Power of nature.
  • War.
  • Death.
  • Religion.
  • Education.

What are the structures of poem?

Poems can be structured, with rhyming lines and meter, the rhythm and emphasis of a line based on syllabic beats. Poems can also be freeform, which follows no formal structure. The basic building block of a poem is a verse known as a stanza.

What does spits like a tame cat mean?

“spits like a tame cat turned savage” Simile to show how the once peaceful sea is spitting angrily. “wind dives and strafes invisibly… We are bombarded by the empty air.” Metaphor refers to the wind as a fighter jet.

Is storm on the island about the troubles?

Overview of the Poem and Context: This poem, written in 1966 refers to a storm on an island but might also be seen as a metaphor for the troubles in Northern Ireland at the time. The first 8 letters of the title create the name ‘Stormont’ – the home of the Irish National Assembly.

How is the power of nature presented in storm on the island and Ozymandias?

The effects are different in the poems because in ‘Ozymandias’ nature is represented by the desert and how it wears away and destroys the statue of the once mighty pharaoh over time, whereas nature is symbolised through the sea and storm in ‘Storm on the Island’ and how its power can cause fear in the islanders.

What is the poem remains about?

“Remains” describes a soldier’s experience of killing a man while stationed in a war zone. The poem examines the effects of guilt and trauma both during and after active duty, and suggests that the effects of wartime violence linger long after soldiers leave the battlefield.

What poem should you compare Ozymandias to?

Ozymandias is in sonnet form, while Tissue uses 10 stanzas. Shelley uses iambic pentameter throughout, whereas Dharker’s poem has varied rhythm and shorter lines. Ozymandias is more narrative in style, while Dharker layers up images.

How does storm on the island show power?

The unbridled power of the storm is well-depicted by the strongly alliterated sounds of “spray”, “hits”, “spits” and “cat”. The island is under the attack of nature; it is assaulted by nature. Extended military metaphor depicts the storm as a fighter plane that “strafes invisibly”.

What is the meaning of the poem exposure?

Exposure is a poem that focuses on the nature of tedium on the battlefield, specifically the mud soaked trenches of World War 1, fought between 1914 – 1918.

What does wizened Earth mean?

Line 3. This wizened earth has never troubled us. “Wizened” means shriveled up and withered (not to be mistaken for the “wise” in wisdom).

What are the aftermaths of a storm?

In many cases, the aftermath of a storm is the worse than the storm itself, leaving behind broken glass, debris, tree damage, power outages and flooded rooms. These effects pose dangerous risks to you and your family if not dealt with quickly.

How is the power of nature presented in storm on the island?

Nature is presented as an enemy in both of the poems. In Storm on the Island the island is inhospitable, and this makes the islanders fear the extremes of nature. Nature is personified and seems to be attacking them.

What is the meaning of bayonet?

noun. a daggerlike steel weapon that is attached to or at the muzzle of a gun and used for stabbing or slashing in hand-to-hand combat. a pin projecting from the side of an object, as the base of a flashbulb or camera lens, for securing the object in a bayonet socket.

What does Pararhyme mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pararhyme is a half-rhyme in which there is vowel variation within the same consonant pattern.

Why is the poem storm on the island structured as one long stanza?

18. Structure The structure of the poem Storm on the Island reflects the feelings of the islanders. At first the community feels safe and secure and words such as ‘prepared’, ‘rock’ and ‘good slate’ convey this sense of solidity and assurance.

Is storm on the island a romantic poem?

It is part of the ‘romantic movement’ as it is a romantic poem, which believes in the power and beauty of nature. These poems are usually about intense feelings, emotions and personal experiences. This poem was written as a reaction against the Industrial Revolution and celebrated the natural word.

What does caesura mean?

Caesuras (or caesurae) are those slight pauses one makes as one reads verse. The word caesura, borrowed from Late Latin, is ultimately from Latin caedere meaning “to cut.” Nearly as old as the 450-year-old poetry senses is the general meaning of “a break or interruption.”

Is storm on the island written in first person?

Storm on the Island Structure The poem is a first-person narrative in which the narrator speaks directly to the reader. It has also been published as a four-stanza poem, however, with three stanzas of five lines each and one of four lines.

What techniques are used in storm on the island?

Heaney really uses the full range of consonance, assonance, alliteration and other sound patterns in the poem. This helps create a noisy recreation of the wind and rain thrashing the bare island.

How is storm on the island an extended metaphor?

Storm on the Island contains an extended metaphor for the political storm that raged across Northern Ireland in the second half of the twentieth century. The storm pummelling the island in the poem is a metaphor for the violence in Northern Ireland.

Is troubled pleasure an oxymoron?

Later, when feeling far more vulnerable, the speaker describes their vessel as simply being ‘bark. ‘ The repeated use of ‘and’ throughout the poem gives it a spoken feel, like someone telling a story. Oxymoron – An oxymoron is used in line six as the speaker. states ‘it was an act of stealth, and troubled pleasure.

Why does Heaney use Enjambment?

Heaney also uses other poetic forms, like enjambment, to keep the rhythm of the poem moving along steadily. Well, as we said, it creates a kind of conversational rhythm, which adds to the effect of the speaker’s informal commentary on life on his island.

What does space is a salvo mean?

“Salvo” means shooting off weapons all in unison. When Heaney writes, “space is salvo,” he probably means that the air around the house, like a bunch of artillery, seems to be constantly firing at the house.