What does the incorrigible mean?

incapable of being corrected or amended
Definition of incorrigible : incapable of being corrected or amended: such as. a(1) : not reformable : depraved. (2) : delinquent. b : not manageable : unruly. c : unalterable, inveterate.

What is the origin of incorrigible?

Etymology. Recorded since 1334 as Middle French incorrigible, from Latin incorrigibilis (“not to be corrected”), from in- “not” + corrigere “to correct” + -ibilis “-able”.

Which word is most nearly opposite in meaning to incorrigible?

word corrigible
But for every no, there is a yes: the word corrigible, the opposite of incorrigible, came into English later, in the early 15th century. When it does appear, it most often refers to someone or something that is able to be corrected, reformed, or made right.

What is an incorrigible offender?

A child is considered incorrigible when the child repeatedly or habitually disobeys the direction of the child’s lawful parents, guardians, or legal custodians. When a child refuses to accept these orders, this can cause significant problems for the child, the guardians, and the environment in which the child resides.

What does incorrigible optimist mean?

not easily swayed or influenced
not easily swayed or influenced: an incorrigible optimist.

What is the synonym of the word incorrigible?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for incorrigible. bankrupt, delinquent, derelict.

What is incorrigible philosophy?

In philosophy, incorrigibility is a property of a philosophical proposition, which implies that it is necessarily true simply by virtue of being believed. A common example of such a proposition is René Descartes’ “cogito ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”).

What is the synonym and antonym of incorrigible?

1 : incapable of being corrected, amended, or reformed 2 : not manageable : unruly 3 : unalterable, inveterate.