What does the AICE diploma cover?

A: AICE not only prepares students to enter college with up to 30 hours of credit, it also provides them with the skills required to be successful once there. In addition, students who earn the AICE Diploma will qualify for the Florida Academic Bright Futures Scholarship.

How many credits do you need to transfer to University of Florida?

60 transferable

Does dual enrollment classes affect high school GPA?

Here’s an interesting fact: If typically take honors and AP courses but decide to take a dual enrollment course, you might find that even an A in a dual enrollment course brings down your high school GPA. Most colleges recalculate your GPA when you apply, so it likely won’t affect your application!

Does FSU accept AICE credits?

Up to 45 semester hours of credit can be awarded by taking AICE, AP, IB, or CLEP tests and achieving appropriate scores. We will not post college credit from a high school transcript.

Is AICE better than IB?

The main difference between AICE and IB is the flexibility of the AICE Diploma. We feel that AICE combines the best of both AP and IB in that students can pick and choose what courses they want but still earn an internationally-recognized diploma.

Will my credits transfer to FSU?

Although dual enrollment credit is sometimes posted on your high school transcript, FSU cannot accept that credit unless we receive an official transcript from the institution that awarded the credit. Your transfer credit will be first evaluated by Admissions to determine which courses carry college credit at FSU.

Is AICE general paper a college credit?

AICE English General Paper is an English class that counts towards Florida graduation requirements and gives students an opportunity to earn a college elective credit at no cost to families.

What are the easiest AICE classes?

Other than the “pre-aice” classes, they will have an AICE Physics, Chemistry, Biology and maybe Marine Science. Marine science is by far the easiest. However, he’ll have to pick at least one of the others (and he should for college admission considerations).

How do you get an AICE diploma?

To achieve the Cambridge AICE Diploma, learners must achieve a minimum of seven credits (including Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives & Research) from subject groups 1, 2, and 3 (and optionally Group 4) to be awarded the Diploma.

Does UF accept community college credits?

Florida Community College or State University Courses Universal Tracking courses taken at a Florida community college or state university are generally numbered the same as UF courses and therefore do not require an approved course equivalency.

Is AICE better than AP?

ICC Notes on AICE Schools in the US are more likely to recognize AP or IBas more rigorous than AICE, but the AICE curriculum is still typically considered more rigorous than Honors or Dual Enrollment courses.

Does Harvard accept AICE diploma?

– All of the Ivies recognize AICE classes. Harvard for example: “The minimum required for advanced standing credit is 3 A Levels with Grade A. They’ll evaluate your courses based on what your school offers, so don’t worry that your school doesn’t have many APs.

Are AICE classes worth it?

The AICE Diploma, which is overseen by the University of Cambridge, demands that students fulfill a number of rigorous requirements. This program can earn students recognition, college credit, and scholarship money at certain schools, and it’s also an excellent way to further your education all around.

Does UF accept AICE credits?

AICE Exam Credit Students completing approved AICE examinations with scores of A-E will earn UF credit. The credit applies to the minimum credits for the degree but does not provide credit for general education, writing requirement or count toward the major. 2. Writing requirement (6000 words).

Is AICE easier than AP?

AICE courses aren’t as difficult as AP or IB courses. AICE courses don’t often prepare students for success on required SATII subject tests. Like the IB diploma, students within an AICE program take a variety of different level exams with specific subject area distributions with an option to earn an AICE Diploma.

What happens if you fail an AICE exam?

If you fail an AICE examination it does not impact the level of credit you receive for passing the course. Therefore, you still receive the necessary credit toward the local high school diploma. However, you will not have earned a credit toward the AICE Diploma.

Does UF accept dual enrollment credits?

In general, you may transfer up to 60 credits from public/state colleges as part of the credits needed for your UF degree, regardless when these credits are earned, but subject to university and college degree requirements.

Is AICE math hard?

AICE is a program from cambridge that many colleges count as an equivalent to an ap credit, it is a lot newer than ap. Now AICE math is literally pre calc on steroids, EXTREMELY time consuming and very difficult, only a couple people pull off As. It is said to be harder than AP Calc.