What does PDA mean in medical terms?

Patent ductus arteriosus, or PDA, is a heart defect that can develop soon after birth. It affects the way blood flows through a baby’s lungs. Mild PDA might not need treatment, but some children with the defect may require catheterization or surgery.

What does PDA stand for at work?

A physical demands analysis (PDA) is an evaluation conducted to determine the physical requirements of a specific job or job category. The analysis focuses on the physical motions and positions that are required in order to perform the job’s tasks.

What is P and P in medical terms?

pp (p.p.)—postprandial (after eating)

Why PDA is common in female?

Several birth factors have been shown to increase the incidence of PDA, including high altitude at birth,12 genetic factors,13 and in utero exposure to rubella. For reasons that have not been elucidated, PDA is more common among female infants than males (2:1).

What is PDA diagnosis?

Pathological demand avoidance (PDA) is a profile of autism spectrum disorder and a proposed sub-type. Characteristics ascribed to the condition include greater refusal to do what is asked of the person, even to activities the person would normally like, due to extreme levels of anxiety and lack of autonomy.

What is a PDA heart murmur?

In full-term infants, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) usually is first suspected when the baby’s doctor hears a heart murmur during a regular checkup. A heart murmur is an extra or unusual sound heard during the heartbeat. Heart murmurs also have other causes besides PDA, and most murmurs are harmless.

What are 3 uses of a PDA in ergonomics?

By definition, and when properly implemented, PDAs provide a detailed description of job requirements including lifting, pushing, pulling, hand forces, posture data and repetitions, such as lifting 25 pounds approximately 40 times during a shift.

What does PCA stand for?

PCA stands for personal care assistant. A PCA is someone who helps people with day-to-day activities in their home and around their community. It can range from helping with personal care, or with homemaking and errand type activities.

Can PDA cause chest pain?

In the rare case that PDA goes undetected, an adult with the defect may experience symptoms that include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and complications such as high blood pressure in the lungs, an enlarged heart, or congestive heart failure.