What does Horeca stand for?

HOtel, REstaurants, CAtering
HORECA is an acronym that refers to a foodservice industry sector that sells food and/or beverages. The word HORECA itself combines the first two letters of the words: HOtel, REstaurant, CAfé, or HOtel, REstaurants, CAtering (depending on who you ask).

What is HoReCa Management?

The HoReCa Management major is designed to introduce and prepare students for active participation in the HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering).

What is the QSR category?

Fast Food/Quick-Service Restaurant The actual industry term for a fast-food establishment is a “quick-service restaurant,” or QSR. It’s most easily understood by thinking of such dining concepts as McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King.

How do you pronounce HoReCa?


  1. IPA: /ˈɦoːreːkaː/
  2. Audio. 0:02. (file)
  3. Hyphenation: ho‧re‧ca.

What is the role of HoReCa?

Responsible for the development of Business Plan and Sales Strategy, to achieve volume and revenue growth while ensuring profitability, by analyzing opportunities, signing new customers & managing existing customers.

Why is HoReCa important?

NEW DELHI: Hotels, restaurants and catering or as it is popularly known, HoReCa, has started to become a serious growth driver for the cash-and-carry companies operating in India like Walmart, Metro Cash & Carry and LOTS Wholesale Solutions, on the back of rising disposable income and the pace of eating out picking up.

What is HoReCa business?

HoReCa is an iconic business term which primarily refers to a sector of the food service industry, to establishments which prepare and serve food and beverages.

Is fast casual considered QSR?

Fast Casual restaurants are a little like QSRs and a little like FSRs. They aim to offer higher quality food at lower prices while still maintaining a casual atmosphere and quick service. Fast Casual restaurants do not typically have standard table service, but they may bring food out to their customers’ tables.

What are HoReCa channels?

Not just FMCGs but online retail players are also looking beyond conventional trade channels to boost revenues while gaining entry in the HoReCa segment. In the recent years, hospitality industry, also known as HoReCa industry is one of the fastest growing markets across the world.

What is that 1 thing which is uniquely exciting about HoReCa segment?

Growing at a faster pace, this segment also takes up 75% sales against retail. In addition to fuelling growth, it is also helping define lifestyle changes of the modern consumer.

Why choose Horeca?

Authenticity is the Key – People who belong to HoReCa industry or companies wanting to trade their products to HoReCa industry can network easily. Technology – dedicated marketplace for HoReCa professional’s one-stop solution for seller & buyer.

Will Horeca 2022 be a success?

In a safer period and environment, HORECA 2022 will be an important springboard for the recovery of the entire Hospitality and Foodservice industry and a great success. Αccording an online survey the decision makers of the Hospitality and Foodservice industry confirm their support to the leading industry’s exhibition.

What happened at Horeca 2020?

At HORECA 2020 we met more customers and made more deals. It definitely helps our industry because it gives us the chance to make contacts with a lot of hotels from Greece and abroad. For another year we participated in HORECA and had the opportunity to meet with professionals in the industry and show them our new products.

When is the next horeca in Greece?

Reacting to the urgent need to heal the scars of Covid-19, the next HORECA will take place from 11-14 February 2022, in a covid free environment, and will be an important springboard for the recovery of the Hospitality and Foodservice industry, while, at the same time, act as a catalyst for the reshaping of Greek Tourism.