What does cenotaph mean?

Cenotaph means ’empty tomb’. It symbolises the unprecedented losses suffered during the First World War and is dedicated to ‘The Glorious Dead’. There are no names inscribed on the Cenotaph, which allowed individuals to assign their own meaning to the memorial.

Why is the Cenotaph so called?

The word “cenotaph” is derived from Greek, meaning “empty tomb”. Most of the dead were buried close to where they fell; thus, the temporary Cenotaph came to symbolise the absent dead, and provided a focal point for the public’s mourning.

What is the difference between a war memorial and a cenotaph?

is that cenotaph is a monument erected to honour the dead whose bodies lie elsewhere; especially members of the armed forces who died in battle while monument is a structure built for commemorative or symbolic reasons, or as a memorial; a commemoration.

Are all war memorials called cenotaph?

Some war memorials commemorate a war or a battle, but may not specifically honor the fallen soldiers. These are not cenotaphs. Other war memorials honor the fallen soldiers, but they are not designed like a mausoleum or tomb. These are not cenotaphs, either.

Who built India?

13,300 servicemen’s names, including some soldiers and officers from the United Kingdom, are inscribed on the gate….

India Gate
Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens
13,313 engraved names, 12,357 Indian and honours 70,000 fallen soldiers of undivided India

Is Taj Mahal a cenotaph?

The domed white marble mausoleum stands on a plinth with tapering minarets on each corner. Its harmonious proportions and exquisite craftsmanship have made the Taj Mahal one of the wonders of the world. The cenotaphs are located in the central chamber of the mausoleum and are covered in pietra dura work.

Is tajmahal a cenotaph?