What does capture mean in one word?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : an act or instance of capturing: such as. a : an act of catching, winning, or gaining control by force, stratagem, or guile the capture of the city by enemy forces. b : a move in a board game (such as chess or checkers) that gains an opponent’s piece.

Is devastated a mood?

When there’s devastation, there’s terrible destruction. You can see the devastation from a violent hurricane and feel devastation over all the people that were injured. People can also feel devastation — it’s a kind of extreme sadness or state of feeling emotionally wrecked.

What is a detrimental effect?

Something that is detrimental to something else has a harmful or damaging effect on it. Many foods are suspected of being detrimental to health because of the chemicals and additives they contain. Synonyms: damaging, destructive, harmful, adverse More Synonyms of detrimental.

What is the use of capture?

A capture card is an input device used to convert gameplay signals to digital data that can be uploaded to the internet. It helps game lovers capture and save their favorite games. With a Capture Card and other accessories like HDMI cable, it’s possible to stream and capture and share the entire game.

What does capture this mean?

The verb to capture means to grab, trap, or take something that doesn’t want to be grabbed, trapped, or taken.

Is capturer a word?

the act of capturing; seizure.

What is another word for detrimental?

Some common synonyms of detrimental are baneful, deleterious, noxious, and pernicious.

What’s the opposite of detrimental?

detriment. Antonyms: enhancement, improvement, remedy, reinstatement, repair, augmentation. Synonyms: loss, harm, hurt, injury, deterioration, impairment, disadvantage, prejudice, damage, inconvenience.

How do you use the word detrimental?

Detrimental sentence example

  1. It will have detrimental effects on the healing process.
  2. As it turned out, nothing he had kept secret was actually detrimental to their relationship.
  3. The new law will have detrimental influences on future tobacco use.
  4. She was receiving detrimental treatment on account of her maternity leave.

What is an act of forbearance?

Voluntarily refraining from doing something, such as asserting a legal right. For example, a creditor may forbear on its right to collect a debt by temporarily postponing or reducing the borrower’s payments.

What does cataclysmic mean in English?

1 : flood, deluge. 2 : catastrophe sense 3a. 3 : a momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition broadly : an event that brings great changes an international economic cataclysm.

What is the root word of devastate?

The root of the word is the Latin vastare which means to lay waste, which comes from vastus meaning desolate or empty.

What is another word for harmful?

What is another word for harmful?

damaging dangerous
evil hazardous
unwholesome risky
toxic unsafe
bad deadly

How do you use affect and effect?

Here’s the short version of how to use affect vs. effect. Affect is usually a verb, and it means to impact or change. Effect is usually a noun, an effect is the result of a change.

What’s another word for Essence?

What is another word for essence?

nature core
soul crux
kernel spirit
principle quintessence
substance being

What are the three elements of promissory estoppel?

The three main components needed for promissory estoppel are the promisor, the promisee, and the promise that wasn’t honored. The injustice happens when the promisee suffers a loss when he relied on the promise, and the promise wasn’t kept.

What does detrimental mean in English?

obviously harmful

What is another word for cataclysmic?

other words for cataclysmic

  • calamitous.
  • catastrophic.
  • disastrous.
  • fatal.
  • ruinous.
  • tragic.
  • cataclysmal.
  • catastrophal.

What is a capturer?

Definitions of capturer. noun. a person who captures and holds people or animals. synonyms: captor.

What does devastated mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to bring to ruin or desolation by violent action a country devastated by war The typhoon devastated the island. 2 : to reduce to chaos, disorder, or helplessness : overwhelm devastated by grief Her wisecrack devastated the class.

What does detrimental mean in law?

Any loss or harm to a person or property; relinquishment of a legal right, benefit, or something of value. To incur detriment means to cement a promise by either refraining from doing something that one has a legal right to do or by doing something that one is not under any legal obligation to do.

Is Detrimentality a word?

adj. Causing damage or harm; injurious. det′ri·men′tal·ly adv.

What is another word for capturing?

Some common synonyms of capture are bag, catch, ensnare, entrap, snare, and trap. While all these words mean “to come to possess or control by or as if by seizing,” capture suggests taking by overcoming resistance or difficulty.

What does dispel mean?

: to make (something, such as a belief, feeling, or idea) go away or end. See the full definition for dispel in the English Language Learners Dictionary. dispel. verb. dis·​pel | \ di-ˈspel \

What does capture the essence mean?

Essence is defined as the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing. An example of essence is what is captured of someone’s personality in a good photograph.