What does bully mean in British slang?

good for you

What is it called when you go against something?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for go-against, like: contradict, oppose, counteract, violate, breach, break, offend, transgress, infract, be opposed to and buck.

What’s another word for oppose?

What is another word for oppose?

resist defy
withstand counter
be against combat
confront fight
contradict take on

What does molest mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to make unwanted or improper sexual advances towards (someone) especially : to force physical and usually sexual contact on (someone) He was sent to prison for molesting children.

Why do British say safe?

In the world of London roadman slang, we say ‘safe’. Secondly, safe is a means of complimenting someone’s friendly character.

What does the phrase Bully for you mean?

The idiom “bully for you” is an expression used to say congratulations or good for you. The term can be used in a sincere way or it can be used as a sarcastic expression if someone thinks your story or achievement is incredibly boring.

What is the British word for a crazy person?

Barmy: crazy, insane; always derogatory.

Who said Bully for you?

Theodore Roosevelt

What is safe slang for?

What does peak slang mean?

Peak (definition 1): When something is peak, it’s a cuss that makes your opponent upset and can’t bring comebacks. 512 up, 284 down. Peak (definition 2): It can refer to an excellent or top quality situation/object/event/person. Curiously, it can also refer to a very negative situation. 242 up, 149 down.

What does mental mean in British?

It means mentally ill or, in other words, crazy. Crazy enough to be sent to a mental hospital. This is primarily a British expression.

What does calm mean in slang?

It means when something is content or when something is in the state of being “chill” and in slang terms it can mean a guy trying to sound cool around a girl he likes but it’s not used very often.

What does dry up mean in slang?

dry up. Stop talking; also, cause to stop talking. For example, Dry up! You’ve said enough. [ Slang; mid-1800s]

What is the meaning of bully boy?

a rough and threatening man, especially one paid by someone to hurt or frighten other people: [ before noun ] bully-boy tactics.

What is Roadman slang?

UK slang. someone, usually a young man, who spends a lot of time on the streets and may use or sell drugs, or cause trouble: He thinks he’s some kind of roadman.Il y a 6 jours

What is it called when you use something against someone?

Use Something Against Someone. Please note that using something against someone can be called persuasion, coercion or in its’ ugliest form it could be called blackmail which is unethical and possibly illegal.

Does opposing mean opposite?

to use or take as being opposite or contrary. to set (something) over against something else in place, or to set (two things) so as to face or be opposite to one another.

What is a word for treated unfairly?

victimize. verb. to treat someone in a deliberately unfair way.

What does safe mean British slang?

UK slang. used to show that you agree or are happy with something: “You OK?” “Safe, man,” Shaun muttered. More examples.Il y a 6 jours

What does it mean to mistreat someone?

transitive verb. : to treat badly : abuse.

What does KLM mean in texting?

Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij

How do you oppose someone?

  1. battle. verb. to compete with someone, or to try to achieve the opposite of what they are trying to achieve.
  2. cross. verb. to oppose someone, or to disagree with them.
  3. fly in the face of something. phrase.
  4. go against. phrasal verb.
  5. make something of it. phrasal verb.
  6. oppose. verb.
  7. oppose. verb.
  8. push back. phrasal verb.

What does oppose mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to place over against something so as to provide resistance, counterbalance, or contrast one military force opposed to another concreteness as opposed to abstraction— L. E. Lynch. 2 : to place opposite or against something oppose the enemy oppose a congressional bill. 3 : to offer resistance to.