What does BSA do to cells?

In cell culture, it acts as a small molecule carrier. Because of its negative charge, Bovine Serum Albumin: Binds water, salts, fatty acids, vitamins and hormones and carries these bound components between tissues and cells.

Why is BSA added to buffer?

Adding BSA to a reaction lessens enzyme loss on tube and pipette tip surfaces. BSA stabilizes enzymes in reaction. The stabilizing effects are most pronounced in overnight reactions (Robinson D. unpublished observation).

What are three uses of BSA in cell molecular biology?

BSA has numerous biochemical applications including ELISAs (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), immunoblots, and immunohistochemistry. Because BSA is a small, stable, moderately non-reactive protein, it is often used as a blocker in immunohistochemistry.

Is albumin a growth factor?

As the major protein in FBS, albumin was seen as a desirable factor associated with successful outcomes from attempts to grow many cell types and cell lines in the absence of serum.

How does BSA blocking work?

BSA blocking is a routine practice among clinicians and researchers working on immunoassays throughout the world. The primary role of BSA is to prevent the non-specific binding by blocking the leftover spaces over solid surface after immobilization of a capture biomolecule.

What is BSA and why is it referred to as Fraction V?

BSA is often referred to as “Fraction V”, based on the original fractionation of human plasma developed by Edwin Cohn. Primarily developed for human albumin production, the process was later adapted to bovine serum albumin.

How do you make 3% BSA on PBS?

BSA is difficult to dissolve in PBS. My student mistakenly dissolved it in water, but we found that we could further dissolve in 10x PBS. So for example, to make 3%BSA in PBS: 0.3g BSA, 9ml water, dissolve, then add 1ml 10x PBS.

How does BSA prevent non-specific binding?

As a globular protein composed of domains with varying charge densities, BSA can surround your analyte to shield it from non-specific protein-protein interactions, interactions with charged surfaces, glass and plastic surfaces.

Does FBS contain albumin?

Bovine serum albumin (BSA) is a major component of FBS (approximately 2.5 mg/ml in FBS [14]), which has been shown to bind free unsaturated fatty acids and to interfere with ΔΨm in potato mitochondria [15] and in mammalian cells [16].

Is BSA light sensitive?

BSA powder is very light and is often used in small amounts, so researchers need a very sensitive weighing scale in order to accurately measure out BSA.

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