What does a snap ring do on a bearing?

A snap ring or retainer ring is a fastener that holds a bearing in an application in place. A portion of the retaining ring protrudes from the groove to create a shoulder to prevent components from migrating from their position during operation.

What kind of rings hold bearings in place?

What is a retaining ring? Retaining rings are often used as fasteners that exert a radial clamping force to the outside of a shaft or the inside of a bore or housing. Used in both grooved and grooveless applications, retaining rings provide a shoulder or load bearing surface that positions and limits movement of parts.

How do you install snap rings?

How to Install a Snap Ring

  1. Put on a pair a pair of safety glasses.
  2. Insert the tips of a needle-nose or circlip pliers into the holes at the end of the snap ring.
  3. Open the pliers so the arms of the snap ring are pulled back and the loop of the ring widens.
  4. Slip the expanded snap ring over the groove of the wheel.

Can I use e clip instead of snap ring?

We use e clips over snap rings because for snap rings you need to turn down the shaft to a circle. E clips don’t require the circular shaft and can easily be pressed into the machined groove (no tool is needed).

What are snap rings made of?

Constant section retaining rings or snap rings. Spiral rings are made from flat wire that’s coiled two or three times around the circumference. They make a 360-degree contact within their groove and have a constant width around their circumference.

Which way does a snap ring go?

This is due to the stamping die behaving like a cookie cutter and causing a slight rounding of the upper edge of the cut clip. The snap ring must always be installed such that force is transmitted to the retaining groove from the rounded side of the ring, not the rough/square-edged side.

What is a bearing retention wire snap ring?

Bearing Retention Wire Snap Rings Arcon Ring’s bearing retention wire snap rings are known internationally for their ability to hold tight tolerances. Much like square wire snap rings, bearing retention rings provide a high degree of strength for ball bearing shaft applications.

What are the different types of snap rings used by McMaster Carr?

Snap Rings | McMaster-Carr. 1 External Retaining Rings. Open these rings, pass them over the end of a shaft, and release to spring into the groove. 2 Heavy Duty External Retaining Rings. 3 Mil. Spec. External Retaining Rings. 4 Inverted External Retaining Rings. 5 Self-Locking External Retaining Rings.

How do you use a coiled bearing ring?

These coiled rings can be wound into place inside a bore or housing without tools. No groove required— these rings have teeth that firmly grip the bore. Pull these rings open with retaining ring pliers, pass over the end of a shaft, and release to spring into a groove.

How do you use an external retaining ring on a shaft?

These coiled rings can be wound into place on a shaft without tools. Slide these rings into place with one twist— no tools required— for applications with high thrust loads. Often used with small engines, heavy equipment, and power transmission, these external retaining rings have speared ends to help you install and remove them.