What does a Digivice do?

The primary function of the Digivice is to channel the emotional energy of a DigiDestined child to their Digimon partner, who can use it as fuel to digivolve.

What Digimon are in the Digivice?

The Digivice is back and is completely redesigned with updated effects, lights, sounds, and gameplay. There are 8 colors to choose from and each one corresponds with iconic Digimon DigiDestined partners. all of your favorites are back with Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Palmon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Patamon, and Gatoman!

What color is Tai’s Digivice?

Tai is also given a magnificent Golden Digivice that is a redesign of the model he already had. The new Digivice is not only gold but has black crack-like detailing, with black buttons to match. However, its unusual that the Digi-destined have two different Digivices, as they have always had only one model at a time.

What does DP mean in Digimon?

This also depletes with time and you should keep it topped up. DP (Digimon Power): This is depleted when training and battling. It is replenished when your digimon sleeps. When empty your digimon cannot battle or train. The higher the form of your digimon, the greater its total DP.

How big is a digivice?


SIZE : H57mm×W65mm×D36mm (H2.24inch x 2.56inch x 1.42inch)
BATTERY : 3 V CR 2032 required (with test battery)

When did the first digivice come out?

March 7, 1999

No. Title Originally aired
First aired
1 Digimon Adventure (1999) March 7, 1999
2 Digimon Adventure 02 April 2, 2000
3 Digimon Tamers April 1, 2001

Who Taichi married?

5 years after the breakup, Taichi got an invitation to Futaba’s marriage to another man and it is revealed that Taichi had married Touma who attended Futaba’s wedding on behalf of both of them while Taichi attends Omega’s wedding which was on the same day.

What happens after your Digimon dies?

After the death animation plays, you will see your Digimon leave an egg which will remain on the screen. This will grant the next Digimon that you hatch from this slot a small bonus for chance to evolve to Stages V and VI.

How do I revive my Digimon?

When ur digimon is dying u resuscitate it back with a shake “CPR” when its dead its a digimemory…you revive them temporary by using its digimemory for battling.