What do you enjoy about coding?

5 Reasons Why I Love Coding

  • You are always learning and challenging yourself!
  • Problem solving can be relaxing.
  • You get to work on exciting projects!
  • Code opens up opportunities for you.
  • You get to be a part of a passionate community.

What age did you start coding?

The study, commissioned by Code School, an online learn-to-code website, concluded that on average developers show an interest in computers before the age of 16. Other findings are: Usually men start playing with computers at the age of 15 or early, while women do it at the age of 16 or later.

What made you interested in programming?

I don’t think I’m alone when I say this, but I got started because I wanted to learn how to take advantage of computers to make my life easier. For me it started with really simple programs on my TI-82 calculator, that would help me get my math/science homework done faster so I could do other things I enjoyed.

How do I know if I enjoy coding?

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  1. You like problem-solving. As a programmer, whether freelance, at a large corporation, or in a startup you’ll quickly find you are solving problems on an hourly basis.
  2. You’re a great communicator.
  3. You want to make an impact.
  4. You want the option to freelance.

Why would I want to learn coding?

Coding can boost problem solving and logic skills Outside from the implications of coding which look good on a resume, coding actually does boost skills which are actually useful to most jobs. Problem solving and logic are the main two. Learning to code is like an exercise session for the “left” side of the brain.

Why do you like coding?

Reason #1: I love to code because it is usable art. Just like architecture, which is an art used by people daily and affects their everyday life, so is code. You can create something and people interact with, use, touch and work with. That is an amazing feeling.

What makes you a good coding teacher answer?

In order to be great at coding, you need to have a certain level of proficiency in coding as well. When you are encouraging your students to learn to code, you are basically helping them practice their math as well. The best part of this is that they may not even realize that they are doing the math.

Is C++ good for coding interviews?

I recommend that you use a dynamic language like Python, Ruby or JavaScript during interviews. But we find that many people try interviewing in C , C++ or Java, under the impression these are the “real’ programming languages. Several classic books on interviewing recommend that programmers choose Java or C++.

What do you love most about programming?

The pleasure of making things that are useful to other people. One of most satisfying aspects of the job as a programmer is seeing code you wrote deployed in a live system and used by actual people, especially if it improves their lives in some way. 3.

What is your programming experience?

It means that you worked on projects during school or maybe had an internship. If those things aren’t true of you, just describe your passion for computers and programming and be enthusiastic about your willingness to learn. If you worked on any projects, be prepared to tell them about the project in detail.

How would you describe your programming skills?

How to list programming skills on a resume

  • Review the job description.
  • Compare your technical skills to the job in question.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Place your skills section at the top of your resume.
  • Organize your most advanced skills first.
  • Categorize your skills into tools, languages and operating systems.
  • Place skills next to years of experience and skill level.

What are the benefits of learning to code?

Why learn to code? 6 Surprising benefits to consider

  • Coding and programming careers have great earning potential.
  • Demand remains strong for coding-related jobs.
  • Coding ability gives new perspective to problem-solving.
  • Learning to code offers career flexibility.
  • Learning to code can be a fun bonding opportunity for families.

How did you first get into programming?

I got into programming when I was 22 so so about 3 yrs ago. I didn’t even know what computer science was back in high school. But in the end when I left the hospital I ended up looking into online math books and MITs open courseware to teach myself programming and improve my math skills.