What did Zidane say about Makelele?

“Why do you need to add a gold layer on a Bentley, when you have already lost the engine?” – These were the words of Zinedine Zidane when Claude Makelele was sold by Real Madrid to Chelsea in 2004.

What is the Makelele role?

‘The Makelele role’ is firmly ensconced in the English football lexicon, used to describe a midfielder who is willing to sit in front of the back four, rarely progressing beyond his fellow midfielder and, generally, sacrificing a shot at personal glory for the good of the team.

When Makelele left Real Madrid?

Despite being born in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), he picked up 71 international caps for France, playing in the World Cup final in 2006. Following his time at Real Madrid he went on to play for Chelsea and PSG, where he retired in 2011.

Is Makelele Chelsea legend?

Claude Makelele is an undisputed Chelsea legend – and not just for his exploits on the pitch for the club. Makelele turns 49 years old today and is a long way from his playing days at Stamford Bridge, when he used to marshal the midfield.

Who did Makelele play for?

Chelsea F.C.Claude Makélélé / Current team (technical mentor)

Was Claude Makelele good?

Regarded as one of the greatest players in his position, Makélélé has been credited with redefining the defensive midfield role in English football, especially during the 2004–05 FA Premier League season, where he played a key role in helping Chelsea win the title with 95 points.

Was Makelele a winger?

Widely recognised as the best defensive-midfielder to ever play the game, Makelele wasn’t always the tenacious ball-winner we all reference today. In the 1995/96 season, the Frenchman was making his mark in Ligue 1 as a right-midfielder. A handful of his appearances for FC Nantes during that campaign came as a winger.

What position was named after Claude Makelele?

defensive midfield position
In homage, the defensive midfield position is sometimes colloquially known as the “Makelele Role”.

How long did Claude Makelele play for Chelsea?

five years
During his five years as a player with Chelsea, Makelele made 217 appearances as an influential holding midfielder, scoring twice. During that time he lifted two league titles, an FA Cup and two League Cups, as well as helping us to the 2008 Champions League final, which proved to be his last game for the club.

Was Makelele fast?

In this role, he was known in particular for his acceleration, positional sense, tactical discipline, intelligence, energy, and ball-winning ability; although he was not the fastest, most talented, technically skilled player on the ball, or particularly good in the air, he was also highly regarded throughout his career …

Did Makelele play right midfield?

Yes, Makelele’s primary weapon was his defensive nous – as the above video also highlights – but he was more than capable of contributing in attack when required to do so. In fact, he actually played as a marauding right-midfielder at times early on in his career at FC Nantes.

What does Claude Makélélé do now?

Claude Makélélé Sinda (French pronunciation: ​[klod makelele]; born 18 February 1973) is a French football manager and former professional player who played as a defensive midfielder. He is currently a youth coach and technical mentor at Chelsea, having formerly been the head coach of Belgian First Division A club Eupen.

Is Makelele the entire engine for Real Madrid?

It is only fitting that Makelele be thought of as the entire engine for that Real Madrid side because after his departure the Real Madrid vehicle sputtered and stopped, suffering through three championship-barren seasons.

What did McManaman say about Makélélé?

In his autobiography, published in 2006, McManaman described Makélélé as the most important and yet least appreciated midfielder at Real. Retired former Real Madrid player and captain Fernando Hierro also criticised Pérez for both Makélélé’s departure and the manner of his departure, saying:

What clubs did Makélélé play for?

In his playing career, which ended at Paris Saint-Germain, Makélélé also played for Nantes, Marseille, Celta Vigo, Real Madrid and Chelsea. He won league titles in France, Spain and England, as well as the 2001–02 UEFA Champions League during his time with Real Madrid.