What dates are Easter in Australia?


  • Fri1Jan. New Year’s Day.
  • Tue26Jan. Australia Day.
  • Fri2Apr. Good Friday.
  • Sat3Apr. The day after Good Friday.
  • Sun4Apr. Easter Sunday.
  • Mon5Apr. Easter Monday.
  • Mon26Apr. Anzac Day.
  • Mon3May. Labour Day.

Why is Easter different in Australia?

Many Christians in Australia belong to the Western Christian tradition, which includes Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. However, Eastern Orthodox Christianity celebrates both Easter and Christmas at slightly different times of the year. In 2022, the Eastern Orthodox Easter falls on 24 April.

What are Easter dates for 2021 in Australia?

Australia Public Holidays 2021

Date Day Holiday
4 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
5 Apr Mon Easter Monday
6 Apr Tue Easter Tuesday *
25 Apr Sun Anzac Day

What time is the Easter Bunny coming tonight?

The Easter Bunny usually arrives the night of Easter eve, but has been known to come around midnight the morning of Easter Sunday.

What does Christmas look like in Australia?

Some Australians hang wreaths on their front doors and some people will also go out Christmas carol singing on Christmas Eve. People also decorate their houses and gardens with Christmas Trees and Christmas lights. Neighbors sometimes have little competitions to see who has got the best light display.

Can you buy Easter eggs in Australia?

Catch.com.au has an ever-changing choice of supermarket brand Easter eggs – such as Cadbury Easter eggs, Nestle Easter eggs, Lindt Easter eggs and Darrell Lee Easter eggs – and available at a discount and delivered straight to your door.

Where is Easter 2022 in Australia?

Where to travel in Australia for Easter

  • Melbourne, VIC. Melbourne is not only Australia’s City of Culture, but it’s a walker’s paradise.
  • Cairns, QLD.
  • Kiama, NSW.
  • Sydney, NSW.

How do we celebrate Easter?

6 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

  1. Attend Virtual Church or Mass on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  2. Get crafty.
  3. Host an Easter Baking Competition.
  4. Have a Neighborhood “Easter Egg Hunt.” Spread cheer to others by painting rocks to look like Easter eggs and placing them along the sidewalk for friends and neighbors to find.

What are the Easter holidays in Australia?

Australia Day: Tuesday 26 January: Wednesday 26 January: Thursday 26 January: Labour Day: Monday 1 March Monday 7 March: Monday 6 March: Good Friday: Friday 2 April: Friday 15 April: Friday 7 April: Easter Sunday Sunday 17 April ** Sunday 9 April ** Easter Monday: Monday 5 April Monday 18 April: Monday 10 April: Anzac Day: Sunday 25 April & Monday 26 April: Monday 25 April

What is the earliest date of Easter?

Ash Wednesday (46 days before Easter)

  • Palm Sunday (1 week before Easter)
  • Maundy Thursday (3 days before Easter)
  • Good Friday (2 days before Easter)
  • Easter Saturday (1 day before Easter)
  • Easter Monday (1 day after Easter)
  • Ascension Day (39 days after Easter)
  • Whit Sunday/Pentecost (49 days after Easter)
  • Whit Monday (50 days after Easter)
  • What are dates for Easter for the next 100 years?

    Year Date Day Holiday Countries; 2022: 15 Apr: Fri: Good Friday: National: 18 Apr: Mon: Easter Monday: National except Scotland: 2023: 7 Apr: Fri: Good Friday: National: 10 Apr: Mon: Easter Monday: National except Scotland: 2024: 29 Mar: Fri: Good Friday: National: 1 Apr: Mon: Easter Monday: National except Scotland: Please scroll down to end of page for previous years’ dates.

    What are the Easter holiday dates?

    Easter Eggs and chocolate. In Australia,the most obvious sign of Easter’s approach is the huge market of Easter eggs.

  • The Easter Bilby. Easter celebrations in most countries include the use of the Easter Bunny,who is seen as a symbol of Easter and the bringer of the Easter eggs.
  • Hot Cross Buns.