What cube does Feliks Zemdegs use 2021?

Gan 356 XS cube
A Sagittarius and Melbourne resident, Zemdegs (also known as Faz) currently uses Gan 356 XS cube as his hardware of choice for competitions.

Who is the best Cuber in the world 2021?

Best Rubik’s Cube World Records 2021 The fastest solution of the Rubik’s Cube as of 2021 is currently 3.47 seconds by Yusheng Du. He made it to the number one spot by beating Feliks Zemdegs, the former champion. Yusheng surpassed Feliks by 0.75 seconds (Feliks’ time was 4.22).

What does Feliks Zemdegs do now?

Feliks Zemdegs – Senior Analyst, Portfolio Strategy – Future Fund | LinkedIn.

Is GAN cube Chinese?

The GAN is a Cube puzzle brand created by Ganyuan Jiang. He had set the first Chinese 3×3 national speed-solving record in 2007. GAN had released their first-ever Cube in 2011 and has since been used by many professional cubers including Feliks Zemdegs. GAN has definitely pioneered huge advances in cubing hardware.

What 2×2 does Feliks Zemdegs use?

Feliks is a color-neutral CFOP solver, although he does know other methods such as Roux and Petrus. He knows numerous subsets of CFOP such as ZBLL, COLL, Winter Variation, etc. For 2×2, he uses CLL. For 4×4, he uses Yau method, and bigger cubes, he uses reduction and free-slice.

What cube does Tymon use?

Tymon Kolasiński is a polish cuber who specializes in the events Pyraminx, 3x3x3, and 4x4x4. He is the current Pyraminx ao5 world record holder and has broken 4 world records, all of them being for the Pyraminx.

What age did Feliks Zemdegs start cubing?

In 2008, aged 12, after chancing upon some speedcubing videos on YouTube, Zemdegs bought his first Rubik’s Cube.

Who is the best Cuber?

Ruihang Xu
Top 10 best speed cubers in the world.

World Ranking Speedcuber Time (Average – best of three)
1 Ruihang Xu (许瑞航) 5.48s
2 Feliks Zemdegs 5.53s
3 Tymon Kolasiński 5.54s
4 Yezhen Han (韩业臻) 5.57s

Who is king of Rubik’s cube?

Let’s twist again: Max Park is the undisputed king of the Rubik’s Cube. American Max Park overcame his great rival Feliks Zemdegs with a lightning-fast solve of 5.9 seconds to take the speedcubing crown at the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup Final.