What county is Lowell Michigan in?

Kent CountyLowell / CountyKent County is located in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2020 Census, the county had a population of 657,974, making it the fourth-most populous county in Michigan, and the largest outside of Metro Detroit. Its county seat is Grand Rapids. The county was set off in 1831, and organized in 1836. Wikipedia

What is Lowell Michigan known for?

A vibrant art scene and eclectic shopping district add character and charm to this largely rural city 20 minutes east of Grand Rapids. Historic downtown Lowell spans six city blocks alongside the scenic Flat River, close to numerous parks, lakes and golf courses.

What is the zip code for Lowell Michigan?

49331Lowell / Zip code

How old is Lowell Michigan?

Lowell is part of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area and is about 15 miles (24.1 km) east of the city of Grand Rapids. The city is mostly surrounded by Lowell Township to the south, but the two are administered autonomously….

Lowell, Michigan
County Kent
Founded 1831
• Type Mayor–council

What township is Cedar Springs MI in?

Kent CountyCedar Springs / County

When was Lowell MI high school built?

Records show how the Unity building transformed from its 1936 start as Riverside School. LOWELL — A history project. You can almost hear the groans from students, anticipating a musty assignment about the good old days.

What is there to do in Lowell Michigan?

Things to Do in Lowell, Michigan

  • Attractions. Fallasburg Bridge. John Ball Zoo. Grand Rapids Museum.
  • Biking & Hiking. North County Trail. Lowell Area Trailway. Fred Meijer Trail.
  • Fishing. Whitney Charters. Great Lakes Company.
  • Antiques. Journeys Time. North Star Antiques.
  • Restaurants. Main Street BBQ. Flat River Grill.

What is the zip code for Houghton Michigan?

Houghton/Zip codes

What is Rockford Michigan ZIP code?

Rockford/Zip codes

What township is Grandville MI in?

Kent CountyGrandville / County

What township is Kentwood MI in?

Kent CountyKentwood / County

What is Lowell MI mascot?

Red Arrows
Lowell High School is a public school located in Vergennes Township, Michigan, United States, with a Lowell postal address….Lowell High School (Michigan)

Lowell High School
Color(s) Red and white
Athletics conference Ottawa-Kent Conference
Nickname Red Arrows