What Colours does the Duster come in?

Renault Duster is available in 7 different colours – Pearl White, Mahogany Brown, Moonlight Silver, Slate Grey, Cayenne Orange, Caspian Blue Metallic and OUTBACK BRONZE.

How does Duster AWD work?

AWD basically means all wheel drive or in a simpler sense it means 4×4. The engine generally powers the front wheels or the rear wheels at once but in the case of Duster 4×4 all of the 4 wheels are working at once. The 4×4 feature make car more tradable anywhere on roads as well as offroads.

Is Duster front wheel drive?

Only the RXS Option 110ps Diesel model is an AWD. Rest are only front wheel drive. No AWD is a variant only.

Is duster worth buying in 2021?

Having a 1.3-litre turbo engineering by Nissan and Daimler AG, the Duster can’t get any better. The performance is now the best in the segment and it’s the cheapest 156hp one can buy in the market. Moreover, the same engine will also power other cars like the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and upcoming 2021 GLA.

Is Duster available in black Colour?

Renault Duster is available in 7 different colours – Caspian Blue, Mahogany Brown, Cayenne Orange, Moonlight Silver, Slate Grey, Outback Bronze, Pearl White.

Why was Duster diesel discontinued?

In 2020, Renault pulled the plug on the 1.5-litre K9K diesel engine – due to stringent BS6 norms – dropped the CVT gearbox option with the 1.5-litre petrol engine and discontinued the diesel AWD variant.

Is Duster a 4WD?

The 4WD or four wheel drive system for the Duster is similar to the ones Nissan has employed on its SUVs in the past. In fact, it uses the same type of rotary dial for drive mode selection which we have already seen on the likes of the X-Trail.

What does eco mode in Duster do?

ECO mode is a function which optimises fuel consumption. It acts upon certain power consuming systems in the vehicle (heating, air conditioning, power-assisted steering etc.) and on certain driving actions (acceleration, gear changing, cruise control, deceleration etc.).