What Champagne was served at the royal wedding?

Pol Roger Brut Réserve Non
Putting much speculation to rest: The official Champagne is Pol Roger Brut Réserve Non Vintage Champagne, which was also served during Prince William and Catherine’s 2011 wedding.

What celebs went to William and Kates wedding?

Guests—including the couple’s friends from university, Prince William’s air force buddies, and celebs like David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John, Guy Ritchie (who went stag), and Joss Stone—arrived between 8:15 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. London time, decked out in their very best suits, dresses, and of course, fascinators.

Who were the bridesmaids at Kates wedding?

The bridesmaids included Lady Louise Windsor, one of Prince William’s youngest cousins who was 7-years-old at the time, Margarita Armstrong-Jones who is the granddaughter of Princess Margaret and the daughter of the Viscount and Viscountess Linley and was 8-years-old at the time of the wedding.

Why was Fergie not invited to William and Kates wedding?

Sarah Ferguson has revealed she believes she ‘wasn’t worthy’ enough to attend Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Sarah Ferguson has claimed she wasn’t invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding because she ‘wasn’t worthy’ enough.

What was Winston Churchill’s favorite Champagne?

Pol Roger
WINSTON CHURCHILL’S FAVOURITE Churchill had a legendary thirst for Champagne most especially Pol Roger. Champagne Pol Roger and Sir Winston Churchill’s relationship dates back to a providential meeting at a luncheon given by the British Ambassador to France after the liberation of Paris.

What Champagne do Royals drink?

The exact brand of her nightly libation is unknown, it’s almost certainly one of the eight brands that have been granted royal warrants, including Bollinger, Krug, Lanson, and Pol Roger.

Who paid for Kate and William wedding?

Prince William and Kate Middleton In total, the wedding cost around £30million. The palace later confirmed that the royal family had paid for core aspects of the wedding, including the church service, associated music, flowers, decorations and the reception afterwards.

Did Beckham attend Prince William wedding?

The Mail noted that the Beckhams also attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are also believed to be close friends if the Beckhams.

Who were Kate and Williams bridesmaids?

There were four bridesmaids and two page boys: Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, the seven-year-old daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Margarita Armstrong-Jones, the eight-year-old daughter of Viscount and Viscountess Linley. Grace van Cutsem, the three-year-old daughter of the couple’s friend Hugh van Cutsem.

Did Sarah Ferguson go to Williams wedding?

Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson understands the royal family’s decision not to invite her to the 2011 nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The 61-year-old Duchess of York is the ex-wife of Prince Andrew and the mother to William’s cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Did Sarah Ferguson go to William’s wedding?

Sarah Ferguson Says She Didn’t Feel “Worthy” of Attending Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding. The Duchess of York revealed that she took a trip to Thailand after not being invited to the couple’s 2011 royal nuptials.