What cartridge does HP ENVY 6000 use?

HP ENVY 6000 and ENVY Pro 6400 All-in-One printers

Ink cartridge description North America and Asia Pacific (excluding India, China, and Indonesia) Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and CIS
Color ink cartridge HP 67 Tri-color HP 67XL Tri-color HP 124 Tri-color HP 124XL Tri-color

What ink does HP ENVY 6055 use?

HP ORIGINAL INK – This HP wireless printer uses HP 67 Black and Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges. “WHAT’S IN THE BOX – 5SE16A HP ENVY 6055 All-in-One Printer,HP 67 Setup Black Cartridge, HP 67 Setup Tri-color Cartridge, Setup guide, Reference guide, Regulatory flyer, Power cord.”

What can I use instead of HP 67?

What’ s the best price alternatives of HP 67/67XL? V4ink InkSacs HP 67XL combo pack is the best alternative of HP 67/67XL with low-cost. This v4ink Inksacs HP 67XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge will save you more money and print more pages!

Can I use HP 65 instead 67?

Installing the HP 65 is similar to installing the HP 61, 62, and 63, 64 and 67 cartridges. Don’t mistake this as a sign of interchangeability though. Let me emphasize: the HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and 67 are NOT interchangeable.

Does the HP ENVY 6055 come with ink?

A: Yes the printer comes with an HP 67 Black and Tri-color ink cartridge in the box. The Envy 6055 printer uses HP 67 or HP 67XL ink cartridges.

Does the HP ENVY 6055 fax?

A: The HP – ENVY 6055 printer does not have the capability to fax.

What ink cartridges work with hp 67 ink?

Original HP Ink can create millions of color combinations for optimal print quality. HP 67 ink cartridges work with: HP ENVY 6052, 6055, 6058, 6075, HP ENVY Pro 6452, 6455, 6458. HP DeskJet 1255, 2732, 2752, 2755, DeskJet Plus 4140, 4152, 4155, 4158.

What is the size of HP ink?

Ensure your printing is right the first time and every time with Original HP Ink, which provides precision output so you can take pride in fade-resistant documents and brilliant images. hp HP 1.44 ounces 4.49 x 4.05 x 1.43 inches 3YM55AN#140 Tri-color 1

What is included in my HP Instant ink subscription?

Your subscription includes ink or toner, hassle-free delivery, and prepaid cartridge recycling. I need an Instant Ink ready printer and a prepaid enrollment card. HP Instant Ink can save you time and money – get started by finding the right printer and plan to fit your needs.

What is the difference between HP Instant ink and standard ink?

Some HP Instant Ink cartridges are larger than standard ink cartridges, but they fit in the carriage in the same way. HP Instant Ink is not available in all countries/regions or for all printer models.