What are three careers in the horse industry?

The list of possible career paths in the equine industry is always evolving.

  • Equine Veterinarian.
  • Farrier.
  • Horse Breeder.
  • Farm or Barn Manager.
  • Groom.
  • Broodmare Manager.
  • Stallion Manager.
  • Yearling Manager.

What jobs can you do with horses?

Working with Horses – 15 of the Best Equine Jobs

  • Yard Groom.
  • Yard Manager.
  • Farrier.
  • Riding Instructor.
  • Horse Trainer.
  • Registered Veterinary Nurse.
  • Equine Vet.
  • Equine Dentist.

How much money can you make working with horses?

Learn how to body-clip horses and to braid their manes for shows. You can earn upwards of $50 per hour for these services in most areas. PROS: Good money for easy work.

How do I get into the equine industry?

Careers Requiring a Ph.D., Veterinary or Professional Degree from a College or University

  1. Primary Careers Requiring Daily Contact with Horses and/or Horse Owner. Veterinarian.
  2. Support Positions Not Requiring Daily Contact with Horses or Horse Owners.
  3. Careers with Horse Shows or Rodeos.
  4. Careers in the Racing Industry.

What is the best job to do with horses?

If you’re interested in a career that emphasizes hands-on work with horses, consider these roles.

  • Equine nutritionist.
  • Equine rehabilitation therapist.
  • Equine veterinarian.
  • Equine veterinary technician.
  • Horse breeder.
  • Horse trainer.
  • Mounted patrol officer.
  • Riding instructor.

What is the highest paying job that works with horses?

The Highest Paying Equine Careers in the Industry

  • 8.) Equine Veterinary Technician.
  • 7.) Mounted Police Officer.
  • 6.) Equine Nutritionist.
  • 5.) Equine Insurance Agent.
  • 4.) Horse Trainer.
  • 3.) Product Sales Representative.
  • 2.) Farrier.
  • 1.) Equine Veterinarian.

What is the highest paying job involving horses?

Top Paying Equine Careers

  • Farrier.
  • Equine Veterinarian.
  • Equine Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.
  • Equine Dental Technician.
  • Mounted Police Officer.
  • Feed or Product Sales Representative.
  • Equine Insurance Agent.