What are the top search terms on Google?

Top 100 Google Most Searched Terms in the US

Keyword Average Jul – Sep 2021
1 facebook 151.0M
2 youtube 151.0M
3 amazon 124.0M
4 google 73.0M

How many searches does Google have in 2016?

1.2 trillion searches
The Terms Most Searched on Google in 2016. How many times did you search for terms on the Internet last year? Google’s search engine performed 1.2 trillion searches in 2016.

What was the most searched term on Google in 2017?

Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma earned the most Google searches of 2017, followed by Matt Lauer.

What was the most searched thing in 2015?

Google’s Most Popular Search Terms of 2015

  • Lamar Odom.
  • Jurassic World.
  • American Sniper.
  • Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Ronda Rousey.
  • Paris.
  • Agario.
  • Chris Kyle.

Who is the most searched person on Google 2016?

Donald Trump, who according to a Google search is “an American politician, businessman, and President-elect of the United States,” was the most searched person. Hillary Clinton came in second; she and Simone Biles were the only women to break the top 10.

Who was most searched Indian in 2016?

Most Googled people in Indian in 2016: Sonam Gupta tops the list!

Who is the most googled person 2016?

2016: Donald Trump The president-elect was the top trending person in 88 countries in 2016.

Who is the most searched person on Google 2015?

The top 5 most searched terms in India this year were: Indo-Canadian adult star turned Bollywood actor Sunny Leone was the most searched person of the year. Leone was followed closely by actor Salman Khan and the late former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam. PM Narendra Modi was the 10th most searched person of 2015.

What are the most common search terms on Google?

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What are the most popular search terms?

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How do you find top searches in Google?

You’ll find the questions people were asking — the things These are not necessarily the top searches across all of Google. Answering peoples’ questions is the cornerstone of content publishing, so we’ll start off with some inspiration for

How to find popular search terms?

Type in your keyword in the search box at the top.

  • Click compare,then type in your second keyword.
  • Adjust the dates if needed.