What are the seven initiations?


  • 1 Initiation zero.
  • 2 First initiation (“birth” to the spiritual life)
  • 3 Second initiation (“baptism”)
  • 4 Third initiation (“the transfiguration”)
  • 5 Fourth initiation (“the crucifixion”)
  • 6 Fifth initiation (“the resurrection”)
  • 7 Sixth initiation (“the ascension” or “masterhood”)

What is initiation and examples?

Examples of initiation ceremonies might include Christian baptism or confirmation, Jewish bar or bat mitzvah, acceptance into a fraternal organization, secret society or religious order, or graduation from school or recruit training.

Why is a rite of passage important?

Most rites of passage are religious ceremonies. They not only mark the transition between an individual’s life stages but they reinforce the dominant religious views and values of a culture. In other words, they reinforce the world-view.

Why is initiation important?

Initiation ceremony brings the people together e.g. families, relatives and friends. Shedding of blood unites the initiate to the land and ancestors. Initiation ceremonies are looked at as occasion for prayers to God. Initiation helps to restructure the community through age sets/groups.

How many types of initiations are there?

In philosophical terms, initiation is equivalent to an ontological mutation of the existential condition. The novice emerges from his ordeal a totally different being: he has become “another.” Generally speaking, there are three categories, or types, of initiation.

What is a guru initiation?

Diksha (Sanskrit: दीक्षा in Devanagari) also spelled diksa, deeksha or deeksa in common usage, translated as a “preparation or consecration for a religious ceremony”, is giving of a mantra or an initiation by the guru (in Guru–shishya tradition) of Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

What do mean by initiation?

Definition of initiation 1a : the act or an instance of initiating. b : the process of being initiated. c : the rites, ceremonies, ordeals, or instructions with which one is made a member of a sect or society or is invested with a particular function or status.

What is initiate in a sentence?

Examples of initiate in a Sentence The company initiated judicial proceedings against them. The new recruits will be initiated tomorrow night. He was initiated into a secret society. Noun These secrets are known only to a small group of initiates.

What are the three phased rite of passage?

At their most basic, all rites of passage are characterized by three distinct phases: separation (leaving the familiar), transition (a time of testing, learning and growth), and return (incorporation and reintegration).

What are the three rites?

Currently there are three forms of reconciliation available to Catholics: 1) the rite for individual penitents (private confession); 2) the rite for several penitents with individual confession and absolution (private con fession in a communal context); 3) the rite of several penitents with general confession and …

What does it mean to get initiated?

1a : initiated or properly admitted (as to membership or an office) b : instructed in some secret knowledge.

What is female initiation?

A female initiation rite is here defined as follows: it consists of one or more prescribed ceremonial events, mandatory for all girls of a given society, and celebrated between their eighth and twentieth years.

What is the meaning of the word initiatory?

initiatory – serving to set in motion; “the magazine’s inaugural issue”; “the initiative phase in the negotiations”; “an initiatory step toward a treaty”; “his first (or maiden) speech in Congress”; “the liner’s maiden voyage”. initiatory.

What is the meaning of initiatory proceedings?

Definition of initiatory 1 : constituting a beginning initiatory proceedings 2 : tending or serving to initiate initiatory rites Examples of initiatory in a Sentence

What is the meaning of the word introductory?

/ ɪˈnɪʃ i əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i /. introductory; initial: an initiatory step toward a treaty. serving to initiate or admit into a society, club, etc.

What is a philosophy?

Modern definitions of philosophy, as discussed in this article, tend to focus on how the term is used today, i.e. on a more narrow sense. Some basic characterizations of philosophy are widely accepted, like that it is a critical and mostly systematic study of a great range of areas.