What are the ranks in a outlaw motorcycle clubs?

The most common ranks are Founder, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Road Captain, SGT at Arms, Member and Prospect. Clubs may also have a Tail-Gunner, enforcer and a chaplain.

What does the number 13 mean in motorcycle clubs?

The letter M, being the 13th letter of the alphabet, often is said to stand for marijuana or motorcycle. Generally, it is assumed someone wearing a 13 patch is either a user of marijuana or other drugs, or is involved with the sale of them. The M also has been known to stand for “methamphetamine”.

What is the difference between MC and RC?

MC: Participate as much as you think is acceptable; then participate more. RC: Participate as much as you are comfortable with. You joined to ride and meet others with the same interest, but the more you participate the more you will get to know others and enjoy the experience.

What is the outlaw motorcycle gang hierarchy?

Gang meets are held on a regular basis to discuss the matters relating to the club. Most of them have a democratic set up with one vote per member. A group of gang members under the control of a president form a “chapter” and the chapters have their own set of officers. Below given is hierarchy of Outlaw motorcycle gang hierarchy.

What is the hierarchy of a motorcycle club?

The Motorcycle clubs follow a formal hierarchy that is similar to each other. They have a President, a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Sergeant at Arms, who are known as officers.

What is an outlaw motorcycle club?

An outlaw motorcycle club is a motorcycle subculture that has its roots in the immediate post-World War II era of American society. It is generally centered on the use of cruiser motorcycles, particularly Harley-Davidsons and choppers, and a set of ideals that celebrate freedom, nonconformity to mainstream culture and loyalty to the biker group.

How many Outlaws MC chapters are there?

Official Support club of the Outlaws MC. Has approximately 70 domestic chapters in 20 nations. Formed by Allan Morrison and Billy Gordon in the Maryhill area of Glasgow, Scotland. Four chapters in Scotland and Leeds. Patched over to the Hells Angels in 1999.