What are the latest DStv prices?

DStv Premium: Increase of 1.21% (R10/month) to R839/month. DStv Compact Plus: Increase of 1.86% (R10/month) to R549/month. DStv Compact: Increase of 4.89% (R20/month) to R409/month. DStv Family: Increase of 4.75% (R14/month) to R309/month.

What are the DStv packages?

What are the new prices for DStv?

  • DStv Premium costs R829 per month with 155 channels.
  • DStv Compact Plus costs R539 per month with 141 channels.
  • DStv Compact costs R409 per month with 124 channels.
  • DStv Family costs R295 per month with 89 channels.
  • DStv Access costs R115 per month with 66 channels.

What is the cheapest DStv package?

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Price list

  • DSTV Access package costs R99 a month. Over 55 TV channels which are mostly local and international TV channels are offered in the DSTV Access bouquet.
  • DSTV Family package costs R249 a month.
  • DSTV Compact Plus package cost R509 a month.
  • DSTV Premium package cost R809 a month this 2019.

How much is DStv family package?

DStv offers a wide range of packages to suit your needs. Get the best in sport, latest international movies, series, reality shows, kids, entertainment, lifestyle and news. Family time comes first with DStv Family, from only KES1,380 per month.

How much is DStv Compact 2021?

Here are all the DStv price increases for 2021

Package 2020 2021
DStv Compact Plus R529 R539
DStv Compact R399 R409
DStv Family R279 R295
DStv Access R110 R115

How many channels does the DStv R99 package have?

How many channels does the DStv R99 package have? The company announced last Friday that its new DStv Lite service, priced at R99 per month, will offer subscribers 25 video channels, 32 radio, and 10 DMX music channels.

How much is compact?

How much is compact plus on DStv?

You can get over 130 TV and Audio channels on DStv Compact Plus at a cost of only USD 53 per month.

Which channels are for R99 package?

DStv Lite for R99; new channels

Channel O Channel O Channel O
MTV Base
Trace TV
One Gospel One Gospel

How many channels does DStv Family 2021 have?

The DStv Family Package goes for 309 Rand per month and contains 185 channels. DStv family channels 2021 are now obsolete.

What is the difference between DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus?

For example, DStv Compact is priced at R399 per month and offers viewers 118 channels, while DStv Premium offers 150 channels and is priced at R809 per month….DStv Compact Plus and up.

DStv Compact Plus and up – R519 per month
Movies & Entertainment
1Magic (103) E! Entertainment Television (124)

What’s the difference between DStv Compact and Compact Plus?

DStv Compact is R3. 22 per channel, compared to R5. 24 for DStv Premium….DStv Compact Plus and Premium.

DStv Compact Plus and Up
1Magic (103) Comedy Central (122) Timeless Dizi (123)
kykNET (144) AfricaMagic Urban Movies (153)
Documentaries & Lifestyle
CBS Justice (170) Curiosity Channel (185) The History Channel (186)