What are the districts in Detroit?


  • 2.1 Downtown.
  • 2.2 Midtown.
  • 2.3 New Center area.
  • 2.4 North.
  • 2.5 East. 2.5.1 Upper. 2.5.2 Central. 2.5.3 Lower.
  • 2.6 West. 2.6.1 North. 2.6.2 Central.
  • 2.7 Southwest / Near West.
  • 2.8 Index.

What is the best district in Detroit?

9 Best Neighborhoods in Detroit, MI

  1. Downtown Detroit. Downtown Detroit is a dense urban neighborhood made up of tight-knit communities.
  2. Bagley. Bagley offers affordable and urban sensibilities near the University District.
  3. University District.
  4. Midtown.
  5. West Village.
  6. Palmer Woods.
  7. Sherwood Forest.
  8. Rosedale Park.

What are the safest districts in Detroit?

The Berkley area of Detroit is home to many budding artists. This area’s crime rate is below the national average. In fact, Berkley’s crime index is 73 on a scale where 100 is the safest, which means Berkley is safer than 73 percent of U.S. cities.

What is the hippest neighborhood in Detroit?

Corktown: Detroit’s Coolest Neighborhood Right Now.

What area is District 2 in Detroit?

District 2 is a historic district with strong communities, active organizations and a high number of stable homes. Highlighted by beautiful tree-lined streets, the district has several high-end neighborhoods, including Bagley, Palmer Park, Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest and University District amongst others.

Where is District 2 in Detroit?

Wayne County (part) Detroit city (part) Beginning at Highland Park City Limits and W. McNichols Rd., west on W. McNichols Rd. to Linwood, south on Linwood to Calvert, east on Calvert to 14th, south on 14th to Joy Rd., east on Joy Rd. to Lodge Freeway, south on the Lodge Freeway to W.

What is the safest place to live in Detroit?

177 Niche users give it an average review of 4.1 stars. Featured Review: Former Resident says If you have to live in the Detroit area, Novi is by far, the best place to live. Everything is nearby. Neighborhoods are safe and very pleasant.

Are there any nice areas in Detroit?

Other safe, worthwhile Detroit areas include Midtown, Corktown, West Village, Belle Isle, Eastern Market, and Greektown—each of which has exciting restaurants and places to explore.

What side of Detroit is the safest?

Is Detroit a hipster city?

Poll Names Detroit As One Of The Top Places In U.S. To Move, “Perfect For Hipsters”

Are there any nice parts of Detroit?

What are the districts of Brussels?

(Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium) City Centre / Bruxelles Anderlecht District De Broukère District Ixelles-Elsene District Marollen District (Les Marolles) St. Gilles District (Sint-Gillis) Brussels

How do I search the city map of Brussels?

This city map of Brussels can be searched by service or points of interest (click on the layer in the top right of the map). Zooming in and out is possible as well.

What language are the municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region named in?

The names of the municipalities are given in the two official languages of the Brussels-Capital Region: French and Dutch. The numbers in the “#” row refer to the map above.

Which municipalities have been merged into the city of Brussels?

However, several municipalities outside of the Brussels-Capital Region have been merged with the City of Brussels throughout its history including Laken, Haren, and Neder-Over-Heembeek, which were merged into the City of Brussels in 1921.