What are the cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

When you’re playing GTA Vice City on PC, these are the cheat codes you’ll want to type in:

  • All Traffic Lights Green – GREENLIGHT.
  • Amphibious Cars – SEAWAYS.
  • Armed Female Pedestrians – CHICKSWITHGUNS.

How do you spawn a Sanchez in GTA Vice City?

Sanchez Spawn Locations in GTA Vice City Here is where to find the Sanchez in GTA Vice City:

  1. Parked at the southeast corner of the dirt track in northern Downtown (it activates Trial by Dirt)
  2. Seen driven around Vice City Biker’s area in Downtown.

How do you spawn a tank in GTA Vice City?

When playing GTA Vice City, players can enter the following button combo to spawn a tank — Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

How do you get the Rhino tank in GTA Vice City?

Here you need to get the 6 stars on the wanted level in GTA Vice City. To do so, just go to Sunshine Autos and get to the second floor, and start shooting all windows. Once you reach 6 stars, the Tank will come, all you need to do is shoot the tank driver and steal the Rhino without getting busted.

How do you spawn cars in GTA Vice City?

Spawning vehicle cheats

  1. Spawn tank – PANZER.
  2. Spawn Bloodring Banger – TRAVELINSTYLE.
  3. Spawn Alt Bloodring Banger – GETTHEREQUICKLY.
  4. Spawn Sabre Turbo – GETTHEREFAST.
  5. Spawn Hotring Racer – GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED.
  6. Spawn Alt Hotring Racer – GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST.
  7. Spawn Hearse – THELASTRIDE.
  8. Spawn limo – ROCKANDROLLCAR.

Which is the fastest car in GTA Vice City?

Infernus. In what will likely come as a surprise to no one, the Infernus comfortably takes the title of GTA: Vice City’s fastest car.

What are the Cheats of Vice City?

Bloodring Banger Cheat. A Bloodring Banger will spawn.

  • Bloodring Racer Cheat. A Bloodring Racer will spawn.
  • Golf Caddy Cheat. A Caddy will spawn.
  • Hotring Racer 1 Cheat. A Hotring Racer 1 will spawn.
  • Hotring Racer 2 Cheat. A Hotring Racer 2 will spawn.
  • Love Fist Limo Cheat.
  • Rhino (Tank) Cheat.
  • Romero’s Hearse Cheat.
  • Sabre Turbo Cheat.
  • Trashmaster Cheat.
  • What are best cheats in GTA Vice City?

    – Grab any Police Vehicle and park it in your garage. – Start the Vigilant Mission. – Get out from the car and type vehicle Blow-up cheat — BIGBANG (Do this from a safe distance

    What are the money cheats for GTA Vice City?


  • 1-866-9-BURY ME
  • 1-866-9-SAVE ME
  • 1-866-9-SHADEE
  • 1-866-434-SELF
  • How to cheat money in GTA Vice City?

    LEFT ANALOG/D-Pad: Move (Press lightly to walk,hard to walk faster)

  • RIGHT ANALOG: Look Around (When standing still)
  • X: Hold to run.
  • SQUARE: Jump.
  • TRIANGLE: Commandeer (Carjack) a Vehicle.
  • CIRCLE: Attack/Use Weapon.
  • R1: Target Weapon.
  • L1: Position Camera Behind Character/Buy something when standing over Icon.