What are the AZ Cardinals standings?


Los Angeles Rams xz Rams xz 12 8 – 4 – 0
Arizona Cardinals xy Cardinals xy 11 7 – 5 – 0
San Francisco 49ers xy 49ers xy 10 7 – 5 – 0
Seattle Seahawks Seahawks 7 4 – 8 – 0

Who scored the Cardinals touchdown today?

Kyler Murray Throws 19-yard Pro Bowl TD To Mike Evans.

Who did Arizona Cardinals lose to?

the Rams
Cardinals’ season comes to a rough end with blowout Wild Card playoff loss to the Rams, 34-11.

Has Arizona Cardinals ever won a Superbowl?

Arizona Cardinals, American professional gridiron football team based in Phoenix. The Cardinals are the oldest team in the National Football League (NFL), but they are also one of the least successful franchises in league history, having won just two NFL championships (1925 and 1947) since the team’s founding in 1898.

What are the Buffalo Bills standings?


Buffalo Bills xz Bills xz 11 7 – 5 – 0
New England Patriots xy Patriots xy 10 8 – 4 – 0
Miami Dolphins Dolphins 9 6 – 6 – 0
New York Jets Jets 4 4 – 8 – 0

Is Budda Baker hurt?

Baker will not return to Monday’s game against the Rams after suffering a concussion, Josh Weinfuss of ESPN.com reports.

What NFL team has never played in a conference championship?

AFC/NFC Championship Game appearance droughts

Seasons Team Last appearance in conference championship game
29 Cleveland Browns ^ 1989 AFC
29 Miami Dolphins ^ 1992 AFC
26 Dallas Cowboys ^ 1995 NFC
20 Houston Texans ^ Never

What NFL team has never been to the playoffs?

The Detroit Lions are the oldest NFL team to have never appeared in a Super Bowl and the only franchise from the NFC to have never played for the trophy. Their last playoff victory came in 1992.