What are some sponsorship ideas?

Ideas for event sponsorship

  • Virtual reality. Virtual reality, VR, is the future.
  • Professional services. Getting a sponsor that offers relevant professional service can work wonders.
  • Celebrity ambassadors. Every company likes celebrity endorsement, especially in this time of social media.
  • Event apps.

What events can be sponsored?

4 Types of Event Sponsorships That Bring Value

  • Financial Event Sponsorship. Financial, or sometimes referred to as cash sponsors, continue to be the leading type of event sponsorship.
  • In-Kind Sponsorship.
  • Media Event Sponsorship.
  • Promotional Partners.

How do you attract sponsorship for an event?

How to Attract New Event Sponsors and Increase Revenue

  1. Give sponsors the information they need to make an informed decision.
  2. Use previous event examples and experiences working with sponsors.
  3. Make sure you have a strong social presence.
  4. Use visual resources to help drive narrative.

What are the 3 types of sponsorships?

Three types of events sponsorships to offer

  • Branding – These opportunities allow sponsors to display their logos to event attendees.
  • Lead opportunities – These opportunities give sponsors a way to collect sales leads.
  • Networking – With these opportunities, sponsors have a way to get to know attendees one-to-one.

What is an event sponsorship?

An event sponsor is a company that supports an event, usually by providing funds, in exchange for something valuable. Oftentimes this “something valuable” comes in the form of increased brand exposure, access to attendee data, speaking opportunities at the event, or discounted event tickets.

What is a major sponsor?

Major sponsor means a sponsor of a public assembly facility or of a team or event held at the facility where the amount paid by the sponsor to the owner of the facility, to the team, or for the event is at least $100,000 per year.

Why sponsorship is important for an event?

Event sponsorship is and continues to be, an effective way of increasing the visibility of a brand. Partnering with the right event can be the perfect way to tell prospective clients, your competitors and future stakeholders, that your business means business.

What do sponsors want and expect from events?

Sponsors offer funding or products and services to support events, trade shows, teams, nonprofits, or organizations. In exchange, you get business exposure and a chance to connect with new customers.

What is the main sponsor of an event called?

A title sponsor is a patron of an event that provides money, goods, or services in exchange for the exclusive right to have the patron’s name appear prominently before the title of the event.

How to find companies to sponsor Your events?

Understanding Your Sponsorship Opportunities.

  • Collect Audience Data.
  • Know Your Sponsorship Magic.
  • Embrace Sponsorship Activation.
  • Do Your Prospect Research.
  • Build a Prospecting Pipeline.
  • Get the Attention of Your Prospect.
  • The First Meeting with Your Prospective Sponsor.
  • Customize Your Proposal.
  • Follow Up to Win the Deal.
  • How to design an event sponsorship package?

    No Generic Sponsorships. If you are hosting a larger event,chances are you have already created generic tiered sponsorship packages.

  • Allow Package Customization. While many event planners create different tiered plans,these still don’t always meet the needs of their potential sponsors.
  • Include Sponsors in Your Planning.
  • How to get local businesses to sponsor Your event?

    – Begin looking for good potential partnerships (both organizations and events) for your business—those that will either resonate with your ideal audience or tap into a related, but new demographic. – Remember that you don’t necessarily have to spend money to be a sponsor. – Be prepared to negotiate for some benefits for your business.

    How to find sponsors for your event?

    Define your event&its goals.

  • Determine why companies should want to sponsor your event.
  • Imagine your ideal sponsor.
  • Research companies ready to sponsor that meet your criteria.
  • Make a final list of potential sponsors.
  • Pitch your sponsorship to your prospects.
  • Secure the sponsorship&build relationships.