What are some new hairstyle ideas for 2015?

35 New Hair Ideas for 2015. 1 Tousled Topknot. The topknot of 2015 is cool, textured, and not even close to prissy. To get it, work mousse through damp hair and really rough-dry 2 Woven Braid. 3 Slicked Back. 4 Modern French Twist. 5 Volume-Boosting Bangs.

What are some simple hairstyle ideas?

These simple Hairstyle Ideas are well-detailed described step by step. 1. Puff Voluminous Ponytail: Who is not familiar with the old childhood ponytails hairstyle? This hairstyle is the best for those bad hair days. You should go for this hairstyle, even if you have applied to oil to your hair.

How to get the perfect hairstyle for summer 2015?

Ease into it with a look that incorporates the texture only at the roots, like the one at the spring/summer 2015 Proenza Schouler show, and leave the rest of your hair in its natural state. Make a side-part in your hair and apply gel to stick down the hair in the front. Brush back the rest of your hair to create the contrast. 3. Faux-Bangs

How to recreate this hairstyle?

Follow These Steps to Recreate this Hairstyle: 1 Firstly make two neat sides for your hair. 2 Now take a small portion of hair, twist it well 3 Make sure to secure the hair strand with body pins More

What is the most popular hairstyle for men in 2015?

5 Popular Men’s Hairstyles For Spring/Summer 2015. 1. The Buzz Cut. Classic and unquestionably masculine, the buzz cut has been trending for a while now and remains the style most requested by my 2. The Fringe. 3. The Slick Back. 4. Wavy/Curly Hair: The Relaxed Quiff. 5. Afro Hair: Disconnected

Should you grow your hair long in 2015?

Long hair is set to have a moment in 2015. Granted, this type of cut isn’t for everyone but – on the right guy and styled the right way – it can look superb. One caveat: it’s best to avoid growing your hair long if it’s thick or unruly, as it will take a lot of time to blow dry and style each day.

How do I choose the right hairstyle for my face type?

It tends to look best on strong, square face types, although it can be adapted to others by manipulating the length and grade used. Next, you’ll need to decide on whether you want a uniform length all over (known as a ‘butch cut’) or a slight difference between the hair on the top of your head and at the back and sides (a crew cut or flattop).