What are good ideas for a poem?

Poetry ideas – Write a poem about:Night-time.A particular color.Being underwater.A person whose life you’re curious about.Your mother’s perfume.Falling asleep or waking up.Growing older.The feeling of getting lost in a book.

Who is the author of Black Aeroplane *?

Frederick Forsyth

What is the theme of black Aeroplane?

The theme of the story is the story oscillates or shifts between Miracle and Mystery. The main character of the story is a pilot and he is flying at night in his old Dakota (DS 088) Aeroplane to travel from France to England.

Why is black Aeroplane called Strange?

The Black aeroplane was called strange because it was present without light on his wings and the aeroplane was totally black.

What is the summary of the black Aeroplane?

The story “Black Aeroplane” is about a pilot who feels happy and contended to fly over a city that is sleeping (at the night time). He is flying from Paris to London. While taking his flight, he dreams about the long holiday with his family. He also fantasizes about the scrumptious breakfast he would have upon landing.

What kind of story is the black Aeroplane?

mystery story

Which country was the pilot flying over?

England. France. India.

What was the name of old Aeroplane?

The first jet aircraft was the German Heinkel He 1. The first jet airliner, the de Havilland Comet, was introduced in 1952. The Boeing 707, the first widely successful commercial jet, was in commercial service for more than 50 years, from 1958 to at least 2013.

Which two things made the pilot happy?

1. The pilot was happy as he escaped from the huge black clouds which look like a mountains. 2. There was an another pilot struck in the clouds who could help him.