What are building automated systems?

A Building Automation System (BAS), (also referred to as a Building Management System or a Building Control System), is a system that controls various electric, electronic and mechanical systems throughout a building.

What is Tracer Summit?

The Tracer Summit™ Building Automation System provides building control through a single, integrated system. A building’s climate, lighting, energy consumption, scheduling, and other controllable features can all be programmed and managed by Tracer Summit building control units (BCUs).

Is Tracer Summit BACnet?

The Tracer Summit system uses the BACnet protocol to facilitate communication between Tracer Summit BCUs and PC Workstations as well as a means to integrate products and systems, including fire panels, fume hoods, and non-Trane BAS or HVAC equipment.

Why build a tracer® SC+ building?

Buildings are full of hidden potential to be more comfortable, more sustainable, and more influential to your mission. Tracer® SC+ taps into this potential by making the connections between technology and people more intuitive and complete.

Why tracer SC+ HVAC?

Trane® has the ability to go significantly beyond traditional HVAC systems to optimize comfort and lifecycle costs. Lighting systems, energy meters, VFDs, and more can be utilized to provide more advanced algorithms. Tracer SC+ provides a robust backbone for even the most complex systems.

What is Trane tracer SC+?

Tracer® SC+ is a powerful building automation system for your facility that will integrate systems to simplify command and give you better control over comfort and energy efficiency. Trane® delivers its proven systems knowledge to every job through comprehensive, factory-engineered applications.

What is tracer concierge®?

Tracer® Concierge® for contractors and small buildings is a cost-effective solution that makes the day-to-day operation of your HVAC and lighting systems easier. A bundled system of pre-engineered applications means you get advanced capabilities for building management with less risk.