What alignment is Yoda?


Who is chaotic evil in Star Wars?

1. Chaotic Evil – Salacious B. Crumb. As you can see from this article, there are a lot of contested moralities in Star Wars.

What alignment is Anakin Skywalker?

Re: Character Alignment: Anakin Skywalker Chaotic Good- Anakin has that kid sense of justice which is basically whatever he thinks is right.

Is Darth Maul chaotic neutral?

Darth Maul is more Neutral Evil, but honestly I would say he’s Lawful Evil too. The Sith are ALWAYS Lawful Evil because they work within an organized hierarchy and believe in attaining success by working within the system. So Darth Maul really isn’t chaotic.

Is Anakin lawful evil?

Anakin Skywalker is the ultimate example of a character having a complete shift in alignment. He went from chaotic good (Anakin) to lawful evil (Darth Vader) The Emperor cast ‘reverse alignment’ on Anakin, obviously a darkside spell.

What is the chaotic evil alignment?

The chaotic evil alignment was power without control, selfishness unrestrained by law and order. Chaotic evil characters acted according to whatever their greed, hatred, and lust for destruction drove them to do.

Are Sith lawful evil?

Yep, the Sith as a collective are Lawful Evil, in contrast to their arch-enemies being Lawful Good. The Sith constantly seek power and influence over others, and almost always aspire to rule the galaxy and impose their own desires on others.

Is Boba Fett evil or good?

Boba was never presented as an evil figure in the same vein as Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader, but as an anti-hero willing to work for whoever would pay him. That made him a compelling character, one who existed in a morally gray space that most other Star Wars characters don’t.

What alignment is KYLO Ren?


Is Han Solo chaotic neutral?

8 Han Solo: Chaotic Good At first, he was more chaotic neutral as a smuggler, but Luke and Leia convinced him to become a hero for the Rebellion, and now he has ties to the Resistance, too. Han will go anywhere, work with anyone, and do anything to achieve his ends, but never out of malice or hate.

Are Sith chaotic evil?

2 The Sith Order In the early years of the Sith, they change between that and ‘Chaotic Evil’ depending on the true evil nature of the individual Sith. Then there is Sidious who employed ‘Lawful Evil’ in the Galaxy through the Empire alongside Vader and then Dooku and Plagueis before him.

What is the neutral evil alignment?

A neutral evil character has no compunctions about harming others to get what they want, but neither will they go out of their way to cause carnage or mayhem when they see no direct benefit for themselves.

What is chaotic good?

Chaotic good is the moral alignment in which it is believed that goodness itself is best achieved through the freedom of individuals acting independently. Proponents of that school of thought tend to follow their true own internal code and often act in ways that may seem unpredictable and random to the outside observer.

What are some good chaotic good characters?

Well known chaotic good characters from film or literature include: Han Solo (Star Wars), Batman (DC Comics), Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter), and Robin Hood. Equivalent alignment in other game systems: Unprincipled (Palladium), Light Side (Star Wars), Good (Warhammer), Gallant (Alternity). The Ten Chaotic Good Commandments

What does chaotic good character believe freedom means?

He will help people that help him and harm people that harm him. The chaotic good character believes that freedom means the freedom for each individual to find his own way to promote happiness and prosperity in the world. He feels that the best way to promote goodness and weal for all is to provide the most freedom.

Is Chopper a chaotic good?

But only one character makes a case for being truly Chaotic Good: Chopper, the plucky and boisterous astromech droid from Star Wars Rebels. Chaotic good is the moral alignment in which it is believed that goodness itself is best achieved through the freedom of individuals acting independently.