What airport do you fly into for Vieques Puerto Rico?

Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport, Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico. Antonio Rivera Rodríguez, the airport in Vieques, is a small commercial air facility owned by the Puerto Rico Port Authority and a hub for small local airline companies.

How many airports are in Vieques?

four airports
By Air. You can take a commuter flight to Vieques from four airports in Puerto Rico. Read our full guide for flying to Vieques.

How far is Vieques from airport?

The distance between San Juan Airport (SJU) and Vieques Island is 69 km.

How much are flights from Ceiba to Vieques?

approximately $80 round trip
The Cost is approximately $80 round trip, per person. Airlines flying out of SIG include Vieques Airlink and Air Flamenco. See directory below for information on airlines flying from Ceiba to Vieques.

How do you get to Vieques Puerto Rico?

The most convenient way to travel to Vieques is to take a plane from the San Juan, PR (SJU) airport. Vieques is only about 10 miles off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. The duration for the flight is about 30 minutes. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get from Puerto Rico to Vieques.

Does Air Flamenco fly out of San Juan?

Air Flamenco with its highly qualified Federal Aviation Administration approved pilots, support and service personnel are distributed among five locations: San Juan Isla Grande Airport, San Juan Intl Airport, Ceiba Airport, Culebra Airport, and Vieques Airport.

Can you get around Vieques without a car?

Some beaches may take you as long as 10-15 minutes to get there from the road entrance. Besides getting a car rental, you can opt to rent bicycles, scooters, or if you are an avid hiker you can walk the trails.

Can you fly from Ceiba to Vieques?

Fly from the Ceiba Airport (RVR) You’re vacationing in Puerto Rico, have a car rental, and only wish to go to Vieques for a day trip. You can save money and time by flying from Ceiba to Vieques.