What age rating is Black Lagoon anime?

Reccomended for adults. As in 17 and older. This is really not a teen show or anything but I feel that’s what help made this series so distinct and gather so much critical acclaim as it shows no censorship for the most part.

Why is Black Lagoon rated MA?

It is full of violence, foul-mouthed language, deprivation and corruption and raised some interesting philosophical questions. Most important of all it is a lot of fun. Black Lagoon is available on DVD and Blu-Ray through Manga Entertainment in the UK and Funimation in the USA.

Is Black Lagoon good anime?

It’s definitely worth watching. Both the sub and the dub are excellent, but the dub is recommended. There are OVAs after the main series which are a must-watch. I’ve seen that AMV too, it’s a very good one.

Why was Black Lagoon Cancelled?

Prior to the artist’s passing, it was announced that the manga series was being cancelled so that Kayaharuka could seek treatment for pancreatic cancer. Black Lagoon was adapted into a two season anime series in 2006 by Death Note and One-Punch Man studio Madhouse.

Is Black Lagoon a bl?

Black Lagoon (BL) has one of the best animations i’ve ever seen! If you pay attention to details, you will like BL. The animators have. OMG!

Is Black Lagoon gory?

Violence & Gore (2) Some shootouts and fistfights between pirates. Little blood is shown sometimes.

Does Revy Love Rock?

Revy is a big fan of rock and metal and has a personal shootout playlist named the “Jitterbug of Death” collection.

Will Black Lagoon have a season 3?

The third season of the anime series Black Lagoon. It was released in Japan on October 2, 2006, and contains twelve episodes. This is a list of all the episodes for the third season of Black Lagoon.

Is there a Black Lagoon Season 2?

Directed by Sunao Katabuchi and produced by Madhouse, it consists of two seasons produced for television, and one in original video animation format. The two seasons, each twelve episodes in length, are titled Black Lagoon— which was co-produced by Shogakukan—and Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage.

Is Black Lagoon violent?

This is Black Lagoon, the manga and anime series created by Japanese artist Rei Hiroe. It’s a violent, visceral tale of intrigue set in the surreal world of South Pacific piracy. It’s also a biting commentary on Japan’s culture of isolationism and occasional war profiteering.