Top 5 Mortars and Pestles to Buy

Mortars and pestles are some of the oldest grinding tools you can find in the local Indian markets. They date back to ancient history and hold huge cultural importance. As per the local language, the tools have various names such as KhalladMusli that translate to a mortar and pestle.

KhalladMusli is a popular kitchen item in numerous parts of South Asia. Despite being an outdated item, people still prefer to use a mortar and pestle due to its effectiveness and availability.

Nowadays, there are various types of mortar pestle sets available made from different types of stones with different designs. Here are some of the most popular ones from our extensive collection:

  • Green Marble Mortar and Pestle

With our unique green mortar pestle set, you can say goodbye to all your grinding worries. The kit is guaranteed to become your long-term partner, helping you grind and prepare your favorite spices.

The set is carved out of genuine Indian marble which is known for its durability and attractiveness. Using such a tool will surely help in bringing out all the original flavors you are craving for in your meal.

  • Black Granite Mortar Pestle Set

A popular choice amongst our admirers is the black granite mortar and pestle set. One of the perks of having the piece is that it is highly durable and is ideal for both medicine and spice grinding.

The polished surface is quite easy to clean as the granite quality prevents any unnecessary food stains or colors. Overall, it is an excellent choice for your kitchen accessories.

  • White Marble Mortar Pestle

If you are looking for something consistent and reliable, the white Indian mortar pestle kit is an option that you can consider. The set is perfect for a busy condition and holds up well for rough and long use.

The kit also makes a good medicine grinder due to its steady build and wide base. All you have to do is to pour your ingredients and with minimal effort, your work will be done.

  • Traditional Marble Spice Grinder

Made especially for grinding and preparing spices, the marble spice grinder is another ideal option for you to consider.

The set is made from authentic Indian marble that is known for its longevity and durability. One of the most prominent features of the KhalladMusli set is that it has a reliable interior build that prevents any kind of absorption of herbal oils or food substances.

  • Marble OkhliMusli Set

If you are looking for something traditional and effective at once, here is our special marble OkhliMusli set. The kit is a fine addition to any of your kitchen theme. It has space enough to grind all your preferred herbs making it an ideal medicine grinder.

The set originally comes in white with a polished exterior that gives it a striking image making it a good decorative and gift piece.

There are other mortar and pestle sets as well that are bound to catch your eye. Try on our special kits and you won’t be disappointed at all.