In this post, we will tell you about the typical measures for writing a quality essay.

Measure 1: generate an idea

It is rather difficult to make a standard text at the very least, and without a definite idea in advance, the goal may eventually become impossible. Therefore, before you try to write, you should accurately formulate the problem. For this purpose, it is necessary to determine the pairs of the type “assumption-argument”.

An assumption is a complete position, which you intend to present a person. As a rule, the text of the essay should include at least three theses. For example, you decide to make an essay on the question “What is dangerous envy”, assumptions to it may look like this: an envious person will become evil, it is difficult for him to admire the prosperity of those around, he is not going to support anyone; in the current world of gloss and Instagram, these citizens will not be easy to be with others, envy causes closeness and contributes to isolation; envious people rejoice misfires others, he will not want to prevent injustice.

The idea is also the only one, cumulative to the full text. In support of any thesis it is necessary to select arguments, in other words confirming their facts and examples. Based on the type of essay it happens to be any real-life problem, an extract, a reference to the study, etc.

Step 2: prepare the main organization

Lightness is not easy. Among other things, it follows that for the sake of making a great essay there is no need to stuff it with a huge number of data, sections, beautiful literary techniques. One of the most important secrets of success is a balanced structure.

In the process of its organization is useful to rely on built in the previous stage of the claims and arguments: introduction – this section refers to the primary assumptions of writings; main part – there are paragraphs with reasons, facts in support of the thesis, which are presented in the form appropriate for the essay specific; conclusion – in this section, you do not understand the leading idea is new, but on the contrary draw conclusions according to developed arguments.

Step 3: use backup techniques when needed

If you need to create something right away, there can be a trouble called “fear of the white sheet.” Even if the Creator knows what he needs to write about, the first step is the hardest.

There are many reasons for the trembling of the white sheet: from ephemeral in the manner of “no mood”, to a rather certain kind of paralyzing fear of having a bad mark for homework or excessive perfectionism. Naturally, the lack of practice also affects not the best way.

Experiments demonstrate that the use of article templates can solve this problem. The idea is simple – it is difficult for a person to compose at least a sentence, so that the page is no longer empty. When there will now be a text where you need to make changes – it is much easier to create psychologically.

According to the Ghost blog, the use of content templates allows you to increase the speed of creating posts by 600%.

Step 4: read the text

After a while, when you have overcome the fear of the white sheet and wrote an essay, it is important to re-read it a few more times and correct the mistakes. If you write it on the Internet, in this case, a great idea will be to practice special features for proofreading and grammar checking. Such features can help to correct typos, get rid of grammatical errors and improve the style of the essay.