It is allowed to mark certain properties of variety which generally are in particular in reference books Yes

Small size

There are no limits. Essay volume – from three henceforth to 7 pages of the digital word. For example, the Harvard business school often writes essay only 2 pages long. Western institutions until a valid essay of 10 pages.

Specific motivation

The main theme of essay is usually defined. Essay can’t contain a ton of items or ideas. It reflects only one option, an exceptional idea. And also creates it. This is the response for one moment.

Free bunch – a significant distinguishing feature of the essay

The researchers argue that essay is built in such a way that it should not include absolutely no fictions. In addition, it is often created outside the adopted laws of logic, guided by arbitrary related associations.

Simplicity Yes understanding of the story

Essay author it is important to establish a style of communication with the familiarizer to remain understood, you want to avoid deliberately difficult, incomprehensible, extremely rigid structures of speech. Scientists notice that the right essay will be able to draw basically the person who is free to have a task, tries it from different sides and is also able to provide a person with a spacious view at the beginning of his thoughts.

The use of paradoxes

Essay must impress the learner (listener) – in General, it is his own important quality. The beginning of thoughts, highlighted in the essay, is often considered to be beautiful, colorful statement or a phenomenal device that combines certain, however, mutually exclusive each other approval, characteristics, situation.

Natural design

Of course, this is 1 of the sayings of the discharge. Free accordingly, the structure, designed to originality, essay owns substantial internal agreement, i.e., the essential points but claims that the internal mapping of arguments and relations, the consistency of those views, which revealed the personal thought of the author.

Focus on direct speech

It is very important to avoid the consumption of essay jargon, stereotyped phrases, word compression, rather frivolous character. The style used when writing essay is forced to be perceived fundamentally.

Therefore, in compiling essay is of great importance to specify its own task, to award the future volume and of course the target of a separate paragraph.

Start with a primary thought or a bright phrase. Your need is to capture the reader’s attention. Very often used comparative allegory, when a sudden or the fact that the episode is connected to the main phrase essay.

Essay writing rules

The official rule of essay design is only one – the presence of the title.

The internal configuration of essay can be free. For in General, this is a small configuration of the created work, then there is no need for important duplication of answers in particular at the point, they all have the ability to be entered in the starting text or in the title.

The argument will be before the preparation of the caveat. Then it can be similar with the extreme exception.

In the difference from the report, essay – of course, this is a replica sent to the prepared acquaintance. In other words, to the individual, which in the United signs has long represented what exactly will continue speech. This enables the essay writer to centralize the discovery, the newest and not to join the career plan components.