Essay is a literary style of prose composition of small volume and free structure. Essay produces private impressions and opinions of the author according to the specific occasion or theme and does not undertake the detailed or decisive swagger topics.

Size and options are combined with the scientific article and a literary sketch (with whom essay repeatedly confusing), with different ideological labor. For the type of essay typical imagery, the playfulness of Association, uniformity, the installation to be Frank, Yes, conversational tone.

Essay missions, audience and volume

The fundamental objectives of the essay are: alert, declination and fun person, self-realization of the writer or the Union solely of one or some of the plans. Their successful achievement depends on the art of the Creator to correctly identify its entire audience. Excellent essay emits a distinctive awareness, understanding manners and better organization.

The preparation of the essay is basically of the following stages: betiding of the task the description of the item, collection, production picked selections, production, the General provisions, writing a first draft.

Types of essay


The story connects the actions in a special sequence, most consistent. The first feature in the speech carries the action and the conflict. The speech is mainly presented starting from the Central or third object. The story will be built around the main events and always covers communication, which personifies the action and still contributes to the involvement of the reader in the story.


The sketch outlines emotional emotions: visual, auditory, sensitive, smelling, taste. Essay’s overall health is shaped by the dominant sensation. In order to form the display, it is necessary to look out for the observational moment, select and place the details by means of spatial or (less often) chronological organization

Process description

A variety of descriptions, often allocated to a certain group, considered demonstration moves, which are now exploited in order to explain to readers how the above is done or in other words stems.


Illustration is needed to explain ideas. When choosing samples, you need to make sure that they guarantee the idea and they are enough for the assigned task.


The classification divides a broad phrase into groups according to some conditioned view, determines the different qualities of a certain category and also describes how such characteristics are modified between categories.


The comparison considers 2 or a number of works on the similarities. Often it helps to make election among alternatives, in addition introduces the reader with new subjects for him. Absolutely all the details of the comparison can conclude something joint and rely on optimally selected elements representing what exactly the compared elements are similar and what really differ.

The reason and the conclusion

The basis and the result constitute the category of communication. Essay, in which causality is exploited, is subjected to the analysis of the cause – motives, why there are specific actions and conditions, and consequences – the effects of these acts and criteria.


The purpose of essay-definition – to find out the importance of phrases or judgments. They exist 3 options: using similar in meaning words; existing and also detailed, which can now represent a Union of other types of essay (speech, drawing, process display, etc.).


Argumentative essay, focusing on logically constructed materials, eager to certify the user to agree with a certain view, to implement some action or to carry out both. Own goals argumentative essay the authors seek through rational act, based on the immutable truth, opinions of authorities, primary springs of information that are collected according to statistics indicators, etc.; also excitable and moral influence.