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Today, many companies are looking for an IT solution to create fast connections between their networks from various locations. Remote connectivity is more popular than ever now, with the typical office worker operating from home and communicating to their coworkers and management staff via email, Zoom, and other online-based services.

Corporations are on the hunt for low-priced alternatives that can provide IT solutions, boost productivity, remote access and support, corporate IT solutions, and seamless workflow across the entire server. Let’s see the top choices for a cloud-based platform that lets you securely access any device in your network.

What is TeamViewer?

Teamviewer is software used to gain access to computers and networks remotely, without being physically in the same location as the devices. This comprehensive all-in-one solution is fast and secure, ensuring your information and private data remain protected.

Teamviewer contains a plethora of remote access features that are attractive to potential users, like remote meetings, a cloud-based service desk, numerous resources for help, user manuals, first step documents, and how-to guides to best teach how to use this service.

How to set up TeamViewer Remote Control

If you are new to using TeamViewer, you need to first learn how to set up the Remote Control to begin using the program. Navigate to the remote control tab and get the main interface, the page that shows your TeamViewer ID and temporary password.

To control another computer remotely, you enter the partner computer’s information and choose between different control modes, such as VPN or file transfer. Once the connections are secure, each session is displayed in the Remote Control window for an organized and clear view.

How to use Meeting

The other section of the TeamViewer dashboard is the ‘Meeting’ section split into two main areas: host meetings and join meetings. To start a meeting, choose ‘host meeting’ and decide whether you want to do a presentation, video call, or phone call. If you are joining a meeting created by someone else, enter your name, and the meeting ID is given to you securely by the creator.

When using TeamViewer, you may find the price outweighs the benefits. In this case, it could be time to search for an alternative to the expensive software. Teamviewer price increases are hard to stomach. Are you looking for a secure reliable alternative? Let’s find out some of the best low-priced options when searching for a cheaper program to utilize.

Although TeamViewer is a popular and widely-used professional choice for remote management, it has limitations. Some of the issues with TeamViewer is the lack of security and image quality, expensive price, and low customer satisfaction rate. We will go over some of the best TeamViewer alternatives that won’t break the bank.

Teamviewer price increases are hard to stomach. Are you looking for a secure, reliable alternative?

When choosing an alternative to TeamViewer, you need to find a program and remote management software that is capable of holding online meetings with various participants in remote locations. This solution gives you a fast possible connection to employees and clients, boosting your communication possibilities.

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a popular tool for remote desktop control and management. This multi-dimensional software is designed for large companies to manage multiple networks and servers easily. With a simple operation and no software installation required to begin working, the security features are easy to understand, and the program is simple to use.

  • The advantages of Ammyy Admin compared to other options are the compatibility for large companies, high-security clearance for important data sending, and intuitive use for beginners.
  • The only con of using this management software is a fast internet connection is consistently required, making it not the best choice for remote working while on the road.


When looking for a secure, reliable alternative to TeamViewer, Mikogo is a good choice. Without any downloads or installation required, this program can directly connect to a browser, such as Windows, Chrome, Safari, macOS, Linux, smartphones, or Android devices. The integrated data function lets you quickly transfer information between the participant and a part of your choice in a meeting for added efficiency.

  • The positives of using Mikogo are the lack of installation required and the compatibility with all devices.
  • The disadvantage of Mikogo is the limit on the maximum number of participants capped at 25, which could be too small for use with large corporations.


ThinVNC offers screen sharing, remote features, file sharing, simple installation, fast setup, lack of client software installation, remote control of Windows, and easy data transfer. For private users, this choice is a secure, reliable alternative to TeamViewer.

  • The main benefits of using ThinVNC are the smooth and fast transmission and the lack of installation required.
  • The cons of using ThinVNC are the lack of features, low-security standards, and low popularity among users.


AnyDesk contains a fast and sharp connection without lag time, using DeskRT to reduce data volume during the transmissions process to speed up data sharing. This fast sharing rate is much lower than the competition, making AnyDesk a reliable and secure alternative to TeamViewer.

The positives of using AnyDesk are the fast transfer rate compared to TeamViewer and the user-friendly nature of the operation.

  • The only con of using this software is the free version is only for private users, making it less accessible to the general public.


Teamviewer price increases are hard to stomach. Are you looking for a secure, reliable alternative? If the answer is yes, UltraVNC is a great choice for you. The software bundle lets you manage remote connections, transmit files in an uncomplicated way, allow for text-based messages to be exchanged, and provides plenty of extensive configurations and added features.

  • The positives of UltraVNC are the free price and added options and add-ons to the software.
  • The only disadvantage to using UltraVNC is that it is compatible solely with Windows systems.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Those looking for a secure and reliable alternative to TeamViewer may choose to use the Chrome Remote Desktop, an extension that lets you remotely control your computers over the internet. This option lets you use the service on all platforms the search engine runs on, increasing the versatility.

  • The positive of using the Chrome Remote Desktop software is the simple installation and cross-platform capabilities.
  • The negatives of using this when compared to TeamViewer is the functionality solely with a Google account.

WebEx Meetings

With WebEx Meetings, users can hold free online meetings with twenty participants, with the option to include additional capabilities and features by purchasing the premier package.

  • The positives of WebEx are the user-friendly interface and cloud infrastructure for secure data storage.
  • The negatives of using WebEx are the lack of features in the free version and the inability to download the application for PCs.

LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro works to optimize sharing resources and make them available to anyone in your company without reducing the security protocol. LogMeIn contains 1TB of cloud space to store your secure files, applications, and projects in a centralized and protected space.

  • The positives of this option when compared to TeamViewer include the 1TB of cloud space and the functionality with multiple platforms.
  • The disadvantages are only coming in a paid version and the lack of a web conferencing feature.

Teamviewer price increases are hard to stomach. Are you looking for a secure, reliable alternative? If so, is the best choice for those who want various administration options for their business. lets you easily schedule and hold meetings, archive the past meetings to keep tabs on your workers, and organize conferences for 10 participants.

  • stands out amongst the crowd in terms of the simple administration options and data transmission protection.
  • The only negatives of using this software are the lack of remote access and the restricted free version.


Splashtop has one thing in mind – helping users by creating a simplistic platform and method of accessing their apps, documents, data, projects and files easily and quickly. Regardless of what device the user is operating, Splashtop makes remote management efficient and fast.

  • The positives of Splashtop include the protected data transmission and the high-quality audio and video capabilities.
  • The disadvantage is the ability to only use local and non-commercial networks.

Manage Engine Remote Access Plus

This secure and comprehensive remote access system helps the management staff and IT help desk troubleshoot any issues within your network from a centralized location. The features of this program include the access endpoints at any time, the ability to connect to remote computers, switching between multiple monitors, diagnosing computers for any issues, and cut down production costs by turning off computers without activity.


Although TeamViewer is a trusted software program that is time-tested by multiple organizations and businesses, the ever-growing price turns off some newer companies from purchasing this remote connectivity cloud platform. Instead, many individuals, startups, and entrepreneurs are looking for cheaper options to provide the same remote access.