Essay does not use the multiple-choice format (this is when you are given a choice of several important alternatives to the solution). The essay does not have limitations according to the time and will be able to correct it repeatedly, to ask friends to read your essay. Use a variety of features and also try not to make common errors.

A bad audit

Do not assume that you will be able to limit yourself to just checking spelling. Read personal essay and make sure that in fact that in those places there are no ambiguous phrases, losing turns, etc.

The overly long introduction. The lack of availability of parts

Too often, an interesting essay differs in that it is a listing of statements without the participation of images of their samples. When writing there are inherent familiar essay clich├ęs: the weight of diligent activity Yes diligence, learning from their mistakes, etc.


Essay has a strict word count limit, so you are supposed to manage this number intelligently. Sometimes this means a deviation from certain ideas or details, preferably, in the event that they are all previously mentioned somewhere and not quite have a direct bearing on the case. These moments only distract the reader’s (viewer’s) observation and close the main task of essay.

Long texts

The longer the speech, the better – so certain candidates think. However, this is not so. Long phrases do not even confirm the truth of the Creator, but the best wishes often produce a much greater effect. It is better when presented essay long phrases alternate with small ones. Try to study the essay out loud.

Don’t overdo writing essay

In essay writing, drop expressions from directories. Incorrect use of these phrases translates the reader’s attention, reduces the importance of essay.

Avoid similar popular missteps, you personally have the opportunity to interest the reader with personal advice.

Essay control

Very important when writing essay is the procedure for checking 1 of its varieties. In drafting your own key goal is to develop arguments, improve the main ideas and also arrange them in a strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative means or in other words, auxiliary source data and the like. After writing the initial version, let him personally lie down for a day or two, and then return to work according to the survey and amendment.


There is only one way to perform so that the studying reader noted for all the different documents the image of a unique Creator – to bring in this essay element of the individual, unique. Personal essays will immediately be the most entertaining and attracting attention. They can help you to stand out among hundreds of other applicants.

Essay needs to be as personal as possible. It is foolish to study essay, which abound with well-known expressions – it is a useless waste of the reader’s time. Under any circumstances, almost nothing is learned about the identity of the true author.


Everything that you will surely create in the specified essay, it is required to assure samples, to make references to own experience. The links of the personal essay will make a fascinating, unique, peculiar.

Literary creation

Mentors adore essay data, learning what – delight. Make sure that your essay is easy to read. Give it some more time: find out if your own thinking is justified, if there is a reasonable ending to the problem.

An appropriate joke is a great device, but use it wisely. Snide or cheeky tone often angry. Successful humor is an art, it is recognized as a feature of excellent style.