Essay does not use multiple-choice models (this is when you personally as a choice will recommend a couple of varieties of the answer). Essay has no limits according to its time, and will also be able to edit it repeatedly, ask relatives to read your personal essay. Use all options Yes try not to make common mistakes.

Bad on

But do not assume that it will be possible to do only the control of writing. Write your own essay and further make sure that there are no specific ambiguous expressions, inappropriate turns, etc.

Very long preamble. Missing cluster of components

Extremely often interesting essay differs in that there is actually a list of statements without the participation of illustrations of their samples. For essay characteristic of the usual clich├ęs: the value of hard function and additionally specificity, activity on the mistakes, etc.


Essay is limited to a single account of expressions, which is why you are personally supposed to use this volume sensibly. Hour it generally means a deviation from some ideas or details, especially if they are already somewhere being mentioned, and does not have a direct relationship to the process. Such cases only distract the observation of the user (viewer) and close the fundamental task of essay.

Long expressions

The longer the statement, the better – so some contenders believe. Only this is not quite so. Long expressions do not prove the truth of the author, and short sentences often have a greater effect. Preferably, when in the submitted essay long sentences alternate with brief. Try reading your essay out loud.

Do not overload essay

When you create a fold the essay phrase with reference books. Incorrect use of such phrases distracts the attention of the student, reduces the purpose of essay.

Avoid similar common mistakes, personally you will be able to attract the reader with personal advice.

Essay check

Of great importance in the preparation of essay carries the procedure for checking 1 of its own version. When you create a draft version, your own key goal is to develop an argument, Polish the Central thoughts, and also arrange them in a strict sequence, supplementing them with illustrative materials or additional information, and so on. The main writing style, let him personally a day or two to lie down, then get back to work according to the test Yes improvement.

Distinctive feature

Only one way to develop so that the studying reader looked at different papers style of the specific person – to bring in essay an element of individual, unique. All of your essays will suddenly be more interesting and attention-grabbing. They can help to stand out in the environment of several hundred other applicants.

Essay should be featured as soon as possible the most creative. It’s silly to study essay, those that are teeming with well-known phrases – it’s a waste of your time. Still, you cannot comprehend the peculiarities of the true Creator at all.


All, what are you going to write in this essay should convince the samples, perform reference to his own skill. The elements will depict all your essay fascinating, unique, characteristic.

Literary creation

Mentors love critical essay, learn that – joy. Make sure that your essay is very easy to read. Give it a little more time: check whether your personal reflections are ordered, whether there is a logical end of the subject.

Appropriate a joke – a huge instrument, but take advantage of it by using the appropriate. Mocking or rude character is often unnerving. Successful humor is an art, it is recognized as a feature of excellent style.