Is Vitsoe German?

Vitsœ, formerly known as Vitsœ-Zapf or Vitsœ & Zapf, is a British furniture company, originally German, known for its collaboration with Dieter Rams. Their furniture is widely known as a German design classic. The 602 system is currently used in the German Chancellery (Bundeskanzleramt).

Who designed Vitsoe?

Dieter Rams
Born in 1932, Dieter Rams is one of the foremost industrial designers of the 20th century. For his entire career Rams has worked almost exclusively for two companies: Braun, the German electrical products company and, to this day, Vitsœ.

Who owns Vitsœ?

How do you pronounce Vitsœ?

Niels Vitsœ, the founder Vitsœ (pronounced ‘vit-sue’) was the name of the company’s founder, Niels Vitsœ (1913-1995). While selling Danish furniture in post-war Germany, this man of immense charm, grace, determination and dry wit was introduced to a youthful Dieter Rams by fellow designer Otto Zapf.

How do you move Vitsoe shelves?

A bit like Lego, the shelves can be moved, swapped, added to and rotated – without using tools – by simply repositioning a few small aluminium pins. You can start with the minimum you need and add more later: dismantle it, reconfigure it, take it with you when you move.

Is Dieter Rams still working?

The dual career of Dieter Rams continued until his retirement from Braun in 1997. He remains convinced that the very best design can only be achieved from design teams within companies. He continues to work with Vitsœ to this day.

How do you pronounce Vitsoe?

Are Vitsoe shelves as strong as they look?

Like Vitsoe, it’s been around for a long time, can hang on the wall or stand on the floor, and has a similar aesthetic. Be warned, though, the shelves are nowhere near as strong (I’ve seen them bowing under heavy weight, even in the showrooms! They’re made of wood rather than metal).

Is Vitsoe furniture sustainable?

To that end, Vitsoe continues to research sustainable materials and investigate sustainable manufacturing processes. “A furniture system’s ability to be flexible and adapt is just as important as how well it’s made and how long it will last.” Photograph courtesy of Vitsoe. Interested in learning more about my remodel?

How much do Vitsoe 606 cabinets cost?

Above: With cabinets running approximately $1,000 each and the shelves costing between $90 and $100, depending on length, the 606 is an investment. Available in black, off-white, or beech, in the US through the Vitsoe Shop in New York or LA and online at Vitsoe.

Why Vitsœ?

Why Vitsœ? For 60 years we have stood up to a world that deliberately designs products to have a limited useful life. As our furniture is a kit of parts, you can start small, add to it and take it with you when you move. We do not pander to fashion: our timeless designs work well and look good in every conceivable kind of interior.