Is two steps from hell a movie?

Two Steps from Hell is an American production music company based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix in 2006….Two Steps from Hell.

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Products Movie and trailer music

Is Two Steps From Hell still making music?

TSFH released their first public album, Invincible, in 2009, establishing epic music as a new and unique musical genre. There are now 14 public albums and millions of fans worldwide. Look for concerts in 2019.

What genre is TSFH?

The band Two Steps From Hell was founded in 2006. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Los Angeles. Generally, music journalists would define Two Steps From Hell’s style within the genre/s of soundtrack, and other rock music.

Where does Thomas Bergersen live?

Personal life. Bergersen said he moved from Los Angeles to Miami, and then to Seattle between 2010–2014 in the liner notes of his album Sun.

Where was Bergersen born?

Trondheim, NorwayThomas Bergersen / Place of birth

How old is Thomas Bergersen?

41 years (July 4, 1980)Thomas Bergersen / Age

What instrument does Thomas Bergersen play?

He is a multi instrumentalist, proficient on piano, violin, trumpet and various other musical instruments. Thomas is best known for his work for his company Two Steps From Hell which he co-founded with his American partner Nick Phoenix.

Who is two steps from Hell?

Merethe Soltvedt) Two Steps From Hell was formed back in 2006 when Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix joined forces to write original music for movie trailers. 13 years later, TSFH has been featured in hundreds of movie ads, including some of the biggest blockbusters of recent time, as well as thousands of TV ads and programmes.

Are two steps from Hell going on a live concert tour?

For the first time, Two Steps From Hell are going on a live concert tour throughout Europe with orchestra and choir. All musical highlights, soloists of their soundtracks, and a thrilling show will ensure that Bergersen and Phoenix also give their audience the chance to enjoy a special experience in a live setting.

How many views does two steps from Hell have on YouTube?

With over four billion views on YouTube, one billion plays on other streaming platforms and four platinum albums, Two Steps From Hell are already one of the most successful music entities ever.