Is there a protamine shortage?

In March 2021 the ASHP Shortage list reported that the manufacturer of protamine was experiencing delays leading to a shortage. Protamine can be used as an emergency reversal agent for heparin and partial reversal agent for low molecular weight heparin.

Is there a vancomycin shortage?

“Vancomycin is kind of the typical shortage drug because it’s generic and it’s an injectable and it’s critically needed,” says Erin Fox, a pharmacist who studies drug shortages at University of Utah Health, one of Civica Rx’s members.

What is Aplisol?

Aplisol (tuberculin PPD, diluted) is a sterile aqueous solution of a purified protein fraction for intradermal administration as an aid in the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

Is there a shortage of TB tests?

According to the agency, the shortage is expected to last 3 to 10 months, with a supply interruption of Aplisol 5 mL (50 tests) beginning in June 2019 and Aplisol 1 mL (10 tests) in November 2019 or sooner if demand increases before November.

Is there a substitute for protamine?

Currently, there is no FDA approved alternative to protamine; however, multiple products have been considered for potential use.

What can you use instead of protamine?

Andexanet Alfa, the Possible Alternative to Protamine for Reversal of Unfractionated Heparin. Ann Pharmacother.

What drugs are on backorder?

Current Drug Shortage Bulletins

Generic Name Revision Date
Acetylcysteine Oral and Inhalation Solution May 03, 2022
Acyclovir Injection May 03, 2022
Albuterol Inhalation Solution Apr 06, 2022
Alfentanil Injection Apr 26, 2022

Who makes Aplisol?

JHP Pharmaceuticals, LLC, the manufacturer of Aplisol, the other PPD tuberculin product licensed by FDA, has notified FDA that the product is available in restricted quantity.

What is the generic name for Aplisol?

The generic name of Aplisol is tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD), however, a generic version is not available for commercial use in the United States.

Who manufactures TB skin test?

Two FDA-approved PPD tuberculin antigen products are available in the United States for use in performing TSTs: Tubersol (Sanofi-Pasteur) and Aplisol.

Are there Heparin alternatives?

Bivalirudin, a direct thrombin inhibitor, is a useful alternative to heparin for anticoagulation in infants and children.