Is there a dictionary of Occupational Titles?

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) was created under the sponsorship by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), and was last updated in 1991. The DOT was replaced by the O*Net, and ETA no longer supports the DOT. The O*Net is now the primary source of occupational information.

What are the different arrangements of Occupational Titles in the dot?

There are three different arrangements of occupational titles in the DOT: the Occupational Group Arrangement, the Alphabetical Index, and the Industry Arrangement. All of these can assist you in identifying and classifying jobs.

What is the industry arrangement of job titles?

The Industry Arrangement of titles may be useful if you have limited information about a job. You may know the industry in which the job is located, but have little or no information about such things as products made, materials used, services rendered, and other essential data.

How do I choose the best Occupational Classification for my job?

e) Examine the occupational definition under the group you have selected and choose the most appropriate title. Read the definition for the title selected carefully before deciding if this is the best possible classification.

What is the meaning of Agrostology?

Definition of agrostology. : the branch of systematic botany that deals with the grasses.

What occupation is related to the practice of Veterinary Medicine?

Occupations concerned with farming aquatic life are included in FISHING, HUNTING, AND TRAPPING (fishing & hunt.). Occupations concerned with the practice of veterinary medicine are included in MEDICAL SERVICES (medical ser.). aerial-applicator pilot 196.263-010

What occupation is included in farming and fishing and hunting?

Occupations of a professional character, such as agronomists, entomologists, and plant pathologists, are included in PROFESSIONAL AND KINDRED OCCUPATIONS (profess. & kin.). Occupations concerned with farming aquatic life are included in FISHING, HUNTING, AND TRAPPING (fishing & hunt.).

What is the base title of an occupation?

Immediately following the occupational code in every definition is the occupational base title. The base title is always in upper-case boldface letters. It is the most common type of title found in the DOT, and is the title by which the occupation is known in the majority of establishments in which it was found.

What is an occupation?

The term “occupation,” as used in the DOT, refers to this collective description of a number of individual jobs performed, with minor variations, in many establishments. There are seven basic parts to an occupational definition.

What is a term title in a job?

Term Titles and Definitions Terms are titles that are common to a number of jobs that may differ widely in job knowledge required, tasks performed, and job location. Definitions for Terms indicate broadly the jobs that are known by the title and provide information to aid in finding appropriate specific job titles and codes.

Why are some titles listed in the alphabetical index not used?

Some titles listed in the Alphabetical Index are not used in public employment service operations. “Master” and “Term” titles do not have occupational codes and consequently cannot be used. They are easily recognized since the words “Master Title” or “Term Title” appear in place of the code to the right of the title.

Why is the oalj copy of the dot so often cited?

It is because the DOT is still used in Social Security disability adjudications and the OALJ copy of the DOT is often cited as an authoritative source of the DOT.

What’s new in the new occupational code revision?

The revision has enhanced information contained in the occupational definitions in response to user feedback. A number of new occupations have also been added that were originally identified by DOT users and given temporary codes and titles under the Occupational Code Request program. We thank previous users for these improvements.

How do I find a job title and job description?

You can find a job title and job description in a number of ways. To browse by job category, click on the CONTENTS tab above. To browse the alphabetical index click on a letter of the alphabet at left. Or search for anything by clicking the SEARCH button above or the? button at left.